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Empowering Choice Podcast with Nawal Qarooni Casiano

Nawal Qarooni Casiano shares how to empower choice in kids leading minilessons on the podcast.

Publishing Routines Podcast

Publishing routines is the theme of this week’s Big Fresh.

Word Learning Podcast

Word learning is the theme of this week’s Big Fresh.

Humor in Literacy Workshop Podcast

Humor in Literacy Workshop is the theme of this week’s Big Fresh.

Making the Most of Small Groups with Jennifer Serravallo (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Jennifer Serravallo shares her “then” and “now” reflections about how guiding groups has evolved in her classroom.

“Reinventing Language Every Time You Write” with Ralph Fletcher (PODCAST)

Ralph Fletcher recognizes that many teachers love language and explains how to bring that love of words to young writers.

Writing Models with Kelly Gallagher (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Kelly Gallagher reminds us of the power of the person right next to writers when they are learning the craft.

Lester Laminack on Bullying (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Franki Sibberson chats with Lester Laminack about bullying. Lester is the author of beloved books for children and teachers including Saturdays and Teacakes and Unwrapping the Read Aloud.

Connecting Literacy and Math (PODCAST)

This podcast with Kassia Omohundro Wedekind explores connections between literacy and math instruction, particularly in the areas of strategies, problem-solving, and narrative abilities.

We Are All Writers with Louise Borden (PODCAST)

In this podcast, author Louise Borden talks about writing from a historical viewpoint.

Wonder in Classrooms with Georgia Heard (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Georgia Heard not only recognizes natural curiosity in children, but sees how teachers can model to encourage that curiosity to grow.

Ralph Fletcher on Mentor Texts (PODCAST)

If you’re spending some time sifting through new books and thinking about teaching with them, you’ll enjoy this podcast with Ralph Fletcher.

Cris Tovani on Reading Workshops with High School Students (PODCAST)

Cris Tovani chats about the challenges and joys of a workshop model for teaching reading in high schools.

Donalyn Miller on Modeling Literate Lives (PODCAST)

Donalyn Miller, author of the acclaimed bestseller The Book Whisperer, chats with Franki Sibberson about the importance of teachers modeling their literate lives for students.

Working with Emergent Bilingual Children (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Heather Rader chats with Ruth Shagoury about working with emergent bilingual chidren and their families.

Finding Meaning and Joy in Teaching: A Podcast with Meenoo Rami

In a new podcast, Meenoo Rami talks about ways teachers can bring energy and joy back into their teaching.

Katie DiCesare on Word Learning (PODCAST)

Katie DiCesare chats with Franki Sibberson about word learning in Katie’s first-grade classroom.

Jennifer Serravallo on Formative Assessment (PODCAST)

Franki Sibberson chats with Jennifer Serravallo about formative assessment in this podcast. Jennifer is the author of The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook, Grades 3-6: Four Steps for Turning Assessment Data into Goal-Directed Instruction.

Smarter Charts (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Franki Sibberson chats with Kristi Mraz and Marjorie Martinelli (the authors of Smarter Charts) about ways teachers can keep anchor charts in their classrooms fresh and useful.

Chris Lehman on Student Research (PODCAST)

Franki Sibberson chats with Chris Lehman (author of Energize Research Reading and Writing) about how the Common Core is changing the ways teachers approach student research in their classrooms.

Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts on Close Reading (PODCAST)

Franki Sibberson chats with Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts about close reading in this 30-minute podcast. Chris and Kate are the authors of Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts — and Life from Heinemann.

Global Read Aloud with Pernille Ripp (PODCAST)

Franki Sibberson chats with Pernille Ripp about the Global Read Aloud initiative.

Understanding Adolescent Readers: A Podcast with Penny Kittle

In this podcast, Penny Kittle chats with Franki Sibberson about how to inspire a passion for reading in adolescents. A full transcript is available below the player.

Literacy in Content Areas: A Podcast with Penny Kittle

Penny Kittle talks with Franki Sibberson about how to help students grow as readers and writers throughout the curriculum.

Ten Things Every Writer Needs to Know: A Podcast with Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson shares some insights from his latest book in this new podcast hosted by Franki Sibberson.

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