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Tara Barnett and Kate Mills are longtime contributors to Choice Literacy. They met while co-teaching a fourth-grade class, and experienced the powerful effects of professional collaboration on both themselves and the students in the classroom. Tara is now a middle school literacy teacher, and Kate is a K-5 literacy coach. Though they’re no longer in the classroom together, they still depend on each other for professional reflection and growth, and meet up for weekly runs. You can find them on Twitter, @taraandkate.

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Student-Centered Learning Through Video Lessons

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills consider the power of asynchronous lessons in creating a student-centered learning environment.

Soft Starts to Meetings That Build Empathy

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share soft starts to professional learning meetings designed to build empathy by providing opportunities for teachers to do the work of readers and writers, as well as connect with one another.

Argument Writing Podcast with Tara Barnett and Kate Mills

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills discuss mentor texts for argument writing on the podcast.

Many Uses for Mentor Texts to Teach Argument Writing

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share the many targeted ways in which they use mentor texts to teach argument writing and move students away from five-paragraph themes.

Actively Recognizing Biases

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills reflect on the ways they actively recognize their own biases and help students recognize their own.

Choice Boards for Writing Workshop

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills give a step-by-step guide for creating choice boards in writing workshop.

Troubleshooting Difficulties When Writing a Big Idea in Memoir

Kate Mills and Tara Barnett pinpoint common difficulties in sixth-grade memoir. They share teaching points and student writing samples before and after revision.

Vocabulary Development in Writing

Literacy coaches Tara Barnett and Kate Mills create a “labsite” for exploring vocabulary development—a classroom-based inquiry plan for a group of teachers to observe instruction with young learners.

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