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Tara Barnett and Kate Mills are longtime contributors to Choice Literacy. They met while co-teaching a fourth-grade class, and experienced the powerful effects of professional collaboration on both themselves and the students in the classroom. Tara is now a middle school literacy teacher, and Kate is a K-5 literacy coach. Though they’re no longer in the classroom together, they still depend on each other for professional reflection and growth, and meet up for weekly runs. You can find them on Twitter, @taraandkate.

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Troubleshooting Difficulties When Writing a Big Idea in Memoir

Kate Mills and Tara Barnett pinpoint common difficulties in sixth-grade memoir. They share teaching points and student writing samples before and after revision.

Vocabulary Development in Writing

Literacy coaches Tara Barnett and Kate Mills create a “labsite” for exploring vocabulary development—a classroom-based inquiry plan for a group of teachers to observe instruction with young learners.

Supporting Students as They Exit Intervention with Series Books

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills write about the power of series books in helping young readers build skills and independence as they exit intervention programs.

Supporting Teachers in Planning an Interactive Read Aloud

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills work with intermediate teachers through a series of professional development sessions to help them develop interactive read alouds.

Digital Interactive Read Alouds

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share everything from useful prompts to the best tech tools for moving interactive read alouds to digital platforms during remote instruction.

Preparing for Book Club Discussions

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills find that book clubs succeed when students are given thoughtful tools to prepare for them.

Nurturing Independent Reading Lives in Middle School

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share their favorite strategies for building a classroom community of readers where everyone has several options for choosing their next book.

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