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Tara Barnett and Kate Mills are longtime contributors to Choice Literacy. They met while co-teaching a fourth-grade class, and experienced the powerful effects of professional collaboration on both themselves and the students in the classroom. Tara is now a middle school literacy teacher, and Kate is a K-5 literacy coach. Though they’re no longer in the classroom together, they still depend on each other for professional reflection and growth, and meet up for weekly runs. You can find them on Twitter, @taraandkate.

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Infusing Poetic Techniques in Our Writing

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills show how to infuse poetic techniques into writing other genres.

What Should I Teach in a Writing Conference?

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills guide us in determining what to teach in a writing conference. Included is a template to use for conference notes.

Coaching Minute: Creating a Sign-Up for Coaching

Kate Mills and Tara Barnett streamline the sign-up system for working with a coach.

A PLC Planning Template to Help Focus Work with Teachers

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share a PLC planning template they created to help focus their meetings to be relevant and clear. Included are links to download the template plus two completed templates to see how they worked in action.

Stay Sharp with Professional Reading

Kate Mills and Tara Barnett share ways to stay sharp with professional reading.

Opportunities Offered in Book Shopping

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills remind us of the important opportunities offered during book shopping. Giving yourself permission to slow down and see the opportunities that the routines invite for collaboration and reflection will likely make it feel like you’re maximizing your minutes even more.

Coaching Minute: Set-Up Coaching Plans

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share an important first step for instructional coaches to help teachers feel invited into the coaching relationship: Make shared coaching plans.

Poems to Start the Year

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share poems to start the year that touch a variety of needs, from building community to connecting with colleagues to hosting parents for back-to-school night.

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