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Vocabulary, Comprehension, and the Common Core: A Conversation with Doug Fisher (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Doug Fisher discusses how vocabulary fits into the Common Core State Standards.

Literacy Coaching and Student Work with Diane Sweeney (PODCAST)

Diane Sweeney talks about the importance of focusing more on student work and less on teacher plans and lessons for literacy coaches.

Evocative Coaching in Action (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Bob Tschannen-Moran uses the strategy of imaginative listening to process an unsettling interaction Heather Rader had with a colleague.

Teacher Language and Listening with Ellin Keene (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Ellin Keene shares her thinking about linking oral language and literacy development.

Oral Language and Understanding with Ellin Keene (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Ellin Keene poses important questions to herself about true understanding and its relationship to language in the classroom.

Katherine Casey on Coaching in Classrooms (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Katherine Casey shares her wisdom on classroom modeling for coaches that really works because both teacher and coach have clarity on the purpose and practice.

Georgia Heard on the Common Core (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Georgia Heard talks about the possibilities for the Common Core when teachers bring their own passion, heart and poetry to the discussions.

Skype an Author with Kate Messner (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Kate Messner points out the cost and kid benefits for skyping with an author.

Finding Time for Your Writing with Ruth Ayres (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Ruth Ayres is no stranger to working hard to find time to write, but that’s why it’s important that we do.

Kate Messner on Revision (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Kate Messner expresses her empathy for how hard revision can be and finds joy in the challenge for all writers.

Writing Celebrations with Ruth Ayres (PODCAST)

Ruth Ayres talks about the importance of writing celebrations, with tips on how to create a festive mood even before students have written anything “fancy” in the classroom.

Katherine Casey on Sharing Blunders with Colleagues (PODCAST)

Katherine Casey explains why she shares her teaching blunders (on video, no less) with colleagues, and what she has learned from the process.

The Art of Slow Reading: A Conversation with Tom Newkirk (PODCAST)

In this podcast Brenda Power talks with Tom Newkirk about what has been lost and what is truly meant by “slow reading.”

Writing and the Common Core with Bud Hunt (PODCAST)

Bud Hunt talks about what teachers need to know when it comes to teaching writing and the Common Core.

Creating a Coaching Culture with Jane Kise (PODCAST)

Jane Kise talks about team building and how to create a coaching culture in schools.

Patrick Carman on Books and Multimedia (PODCAST)

Patrick Carman is the author of some fascinating multimedia novels for young readers.

The Amazing School Librarian: An Interview with John Schumacher (PODCAST)

Franki Sibberson interviews extraordinary school librarian and blogger  John Schumacher in an inspiring podcast that will get you thinking in new ways about school librarians and their role in your learning community.

What Matters Most: A Conversation with Samantha Bennett (PODCAST)

Samantha Bennett is the author of That Workshop Book: New Systems and Structures for Classrooms That Read, Write, and Think, and works with teachers and literacy leaders across the country to create vibrant school learning communities. In this podcast, she chats with Franki Sibberson about what matters most in schools.

Lester Laminack on Reading Like a Writer (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Franki Sibberson chats with Lester Laminack about how he reads as a writer, and what teachers might do to develop this skill in their students. Lester is the author of beloved books for children and teachers, including Saturdays and Teacakes and Unwrapping the Read Aloud.

Jigsaw Jones and Advocating for Kids: A Conversation with James Preller (PODCAST)

Popular children's book author James Preller talks about his series Jigsaw Jones and being an advocate for kids.

Getting the Most Out of Visiting a Colleague’s Classroom (PODCAST)

Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan talk with Franki Sibberson about strategies for getting the most out of observing in a colleague’s classroom.

Kelly Gallagher on Readicide (PODCAST)

High school teacher and best-selling author Kelly Gallagher talks about "readicide" – what teachers and schools do to systematically kill a love of reading in students.

More Thoughtful Test Preparation: A Conversation with Patrick Allen (PODCAST)

How can teachers connect thoughtful literacy workshops with test preparation?  Patrick Allen has suggestions in this podcast.

Sharon Taberski on Book Choice (PODCAST)

Sharon Taberski talks about the teacher’s role in helping students make smart and thoughtful book choices.

Catching Struggling Readers Before They Fall with Pat Johnson and Katie Keier (PODCAST)

Pat Johnson and Katie Keier share their thoughts on how a comprehensive literacy approach best meets the needs of all learners, especially those students who struggle.

Sharon Taberski on Comprehension Instruction (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Sharon Taberski chats with Franki Sibberson about comprehension instruction across the grades.

Patrick Allen on Conferring (PODCAST)

Patrick Allen talks about the value of conferring, and what he does to build his conferring skills.

Tech Tools for Our Youngest Learners with Kathy Cassidy (PODCAST)

Kathy Cassidy has the tips and tools of the trade for increasing technology in developmentally appropriate way for little ones.

Donalyn Miller on Engaging Readers (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Franki Sibberson chats with Donalyn Miller about how she defines “engaged” reading, and the teacher’s role in motivating readers.

Knowing Students Beyond Test Data with Kathy Collins (PODCAST)

Yes, test data can tell us about students. And yes, there is much, much more. Kathy Collins emphasizes pulling back and getting a wider angle on students in this podcast.

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