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Invocation at the End of Summer

Shirl McPhillips reminds us of the power of an invocation–a call for support. Not only is this a beautiful poem, but it is a model for students writing their own invocation.

Tips for Saving Time from Literacy Leaders

Time-saving tips from contributors including Aimee Buckner, Debbie Miller, Ruth Shagoury, Shari Frost, Karen Szymusiak and "The Sisters" (Gail Boushey and Joan Moser).

Discussion Quote Collection

These quotes give you something to talk about if you’re pondering speaking and listening.

Change Quote Collection

If you're looking for some provocative quotes on change, you might enjoy this quote collection from the Choice Literacy Archives.

Poets on Notebooks Quote Collection

Whether you love to read, write or teach poetry, these quotes will give you something to think about and inspire you.

Solving Problems Quote Collection

If you need reminders that every problem is an opportunity, check out this stellar quote collection.

Punctuation Quotes

Fun quotes to start discussions about punctuation for learners of any age.

Writing to Reflect: Quotes for Quick Writing, Reflection, and Discussion (Download)

This downloadable guide includes 10 different quotes from a range of educators, activists, authors, and innovators for reflection at all times of the year.

Opinion Exchange: A Workshop Activity for Study Groups

New teachers need so much their first year and having the ability to be heard and have their opinions valued is right up there. Ruth Shagoury offers a respectful exchange to meet that need.

Opinion Exchange (E-GUIDE)

How can quotes lead educators to awareness and acceptance of the diversity of opinions in a group? Discover what this format for discussion has to offer your study group or staff.

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