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Tests of Time

This vivid new poem from Shirley McPhillips, explores the disconnect between exams and life.

Shaking Off the Village

Shirl McPhillips writes of the glories of summer walks for teachers in her latest poem and reflection.

Closing Out the Year with “Where I’m From”

Jillian Heise shares a marvelous poetry writing activity for students who are transitioning from elementary to middle school, or middle to high school.

A Spring Villanelle

Shirl McPhillips highlights the pleasures and challenges of using a strict poetic form.

One Tool, Many Uses: Poetry Notebooks

Shari Frost explains how teachers get creative with poetry notebooks.

Blackout Poems and Paint-Chip Haiku: Two Fun Ways into Poetry with Adolescents

Jillian Heise uses the lowly paint-chip board to inspire poetry in her middle school students.

Summer’s a Gypsy

Shirl McPhillips captures the fleeting joy of summer in a new poem.

The Habit of Budding

This new poem and reflection from Shirl McPhillips that delights in wordplay and emergent greenery in the spring.


Shirl McPhillips captures beautifully the “hard knuckle” of the end of winter and the slow turn to spring in a new poem and reflection.

The Cure for Senioritis? Poetry!

There may be a group of students somewhere less eager to learn than a class of high school seniors during the last weeks of school, but that group would be as tough to locate as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. Gretchen Schroeder discovers a surprising cure for senioritis — modern poetry.

Just-Right Poetry and Individualizing Instruction

Shari Frost describes how a sixth-grade teacher provides a range of poetry options to meet the needs of all students.

Poetry and Fluency Minilesson in Second Grade

Sean Moore uses the poem “The Busy Ant” for partner work and discussion of fluency and vocabulary with his second graders.

Poetry Minute: Forms and How to Teach Them

Mary Lee Hahn's "Poetry Minute" includes tips and resources for poetry instruction. This month's Poetry Minute focuses on poetry forms and mentor texts to teach them.

Sketching Trees in Winter

The seasons are like bulbs, fat and full underground. In their time, they edge up and unfold with meaning. Shirl McPhillips finds inspiration from the darkest days of winter in her latest poetry offering.

Poetry Friday in the Computer Lab

Mary Lee Hahn provides a wealth of web resources and practical suggestions for using technology for poetry instruction.

Poems Facing Art: Ekphrasis

Shirl McPhillips considers ekphrasis (poetry inspired by art) in her own poetry and reflection.

Poetry All Year Long

Ann Williams shares how she builds a love of poetry in her fourth-grade classroom all year long.

Lines Written at Lunchtime Above Tintern Abbey

Shirl McPhillips celebrates high summer, friendship, and handwritten notes in this poem and reflection.

Found Poetry in Second Grade

Linda Karamatic teaches a small group of her second graders about found poetry.

Guiding Groups in Middle School: Reading Poetry

Katie Doherty works with a small group of sixth graders who need extra support as they read the poem “Aspects of Autumn.”

Poetry that Celebrates Summertime and the Outdoors

Franki Sibberson combines verse and nature in this booklist on taking poetry outdoors.

Same Old Love Song — A Cento

Shirl McPhillips creates a cento – a collection of lines written by other poets compiled into a new poem. It turns out poets were sampling other creative works centuries before rappers made the practice so popular today.

From “I Don’t Get It” to “Never Mind — That’s Amazing!”: Scaffolding Schema for Comprehending Poetry

Katie Doherty finds poetry is a powerful tool for helping her middle school students understand the value of schema while reading.

Invocation at the End of Summer

Shirl McPhillips reminds us of the power of an invocation–a call for support. Not only is this a beautiful poem, but it is a model for students writing their own invocation.

Teaching Poetry to Teens with the William Stafford Archives

Erin Ocon highlights the life and work of William Stafford and how she uses the archives of his work to bring poetry alive for her middle school students.

Georgia Heard on the Common Core (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Georgia Heard talks about the possibilities for the Common Core when teachers bring their own passion, heart and poetry to the discussions.

Improving Poetry’s Rap

Katie Baydo-Reed finds the web has great resources for her middle school students when it comes to sparking more interest in poetry.

Pitching My Lesson Plans for a Day of Peace and Poetry

Seizing an unexpected learning opportunity may be the best way to remember why you became a teacher in the first place. Karen Terlecky celebrates one of these serendipitous moments.

A Poetry Cafe Celebration

Stella Villalba explains how her poetry cafe program brings families together for a festive event, and helps English language learners develop reading and fluency skills at the same time.  This is the first installment in a two-part series.

An ESL Poetry Cafe Celebration (Part II)

Stella Villalba explains how her poetry cafe program brings families together for a festive event, and helps English language learners develop reading and fluency skills at the same time.  This is the second installment in a two-part series.

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