Shirl McPhillips

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A classroom teacher for many years, Shirley has also worked as a literacy staff developer, conference speaker, institute leader and writing consultant. She is poet laureate for Choice Literacy and has been named to the Writers Council for the National Writing Project.

Shirley’s poems have found homes in journals such as The Edison Literary Review, Journal of New Jersey Poets, Sewanee Review, Frogpond and several online sites. Her poem, “Yesterday and Forever” is featured in a new anthology called Amore: Love Poems (2016) edited by Johnny M. Tucker, Jr.

Shirley co-authored, with prize-winning poet and memoirist Nick Flynn, A Note Slipped Under the Door: Teaching from Poems We Love (Stenhouse Publishers, ME, 2000).

Poem Central: Word Journeys with Readers and Writers, (Stenhouse Publishers, ME, 2014), her latest book for educators and poem lovers, shows professional poets, artists, people of different ages and walks of life, teachers and students, all engaged in reading and making poems.

Acrylic Angel of Fate, Shirley’s collection of new poems, made its debut in March, 2016 (Finishing Line Press, KY).

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Shirl McPhillips shares a new poem, as well as some practical tips on moving from random observations to vivid details to poetry.

Life in a Single Breath

Shirl McPhillips says hello to autumn and explores the power of haiku.

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