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Shari Frost has enjoyed a rich and varied professional life as an educator. She has served as a classroom teacher, a reading specialist, a professional developer, and an instructor at the university level. Shari taught kindergarten through fifth grades in the Chicago Public Schools for more than 25 years. Her classroom has been featured in instructional videos by the National Council of Teachers of English, Celebration Press, Scott Foresman, the State of Illinois, the CTELL Project and the Annenberg Teaching Reading K-2 video series.

Currently, Shari is a professional developer working with literacy coaches, intervention specialists, classroom teachers and children in classrooms to support the improvement of literacy instruction in the Chicago Public Schools.

Shari is an active member in professional organizations including National Council of Teachers of English, International Reading Association, and the state level affiliates. She is a frequent presenter at conferences sponsored by these organizations. She is the author of a collection of literacy coaching tools along with Roberta Buhle and Camille Blachowicz entitled Effective Literacy Coaching: Building Expertise and a Culture of Literacy.  Her writing for Choice Literacy focuses on literacy coaching and things she learns from teachers and children in classrooms.


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Journals or Writers’ Notebooks?

Journals? Writers’ Notebooks? Shari Frost shares tips and strategies for explaining the difference between the two for teachers, as well as professional development resources.

Reading and Writing for the 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school has become an opportunity for classroom and schoolwide celebrations. Shari Frost provides many resources to ensure reading and writing are front and center on this special day.

Word Count Counts

Shari Frost coaches a third-grade teacher, and reflects on the challenges of literature circles and book groups where some groups are reading much shorter books and finishing more quickly than others.

No Pictures Stinks!

Shari Frost remembers how she inadvertently stifled the creativity of one of her most enthusiastic first-grade writers. Her story has important lessons for all of us about the importance of voice and choice for learners of all ages.

5 Reasons to Read Grown-Up Books

Shari Frost explains why even if you’re reading hundreds of children’s and YA books a year, it’s still essential to find room in your reading life for “grown-up” books.

Guided Reading for Proficient Readers?

Shari Frost is surprised to see guided reading used for proficient fifth-grade readers. She considers some strategic alternatives.

Word Walls in Preschool? Yes, You Can!

A word wall in preschool?! Shari Frost helps a teacher meet this impossible edict, and has a lot of fun in the process thinking about how our youngest learners acquire word knowledge.

Expanding Black History Month Reading

A heavy sigh from a student is a cue to Shari Frost that he has heard the same Martin Luther King picture book biography one too many times in February. She shares her top picture book picks for expanding children’s awareness of black history all year long.

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