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Recipe for a Literary Tea

Ruth Shagoury has a recipe for you – a soothing “literary tea” with connections to favorite authors. You can start from her recipe to concoct your own author-themed tea, and we also include links to resources on the web for purchasing the loose tea ingredients.

Ode to a Sweet Snowy Day for Two

Shirl McPhillips’ poem “Ode to a Sweet Snowy Day for Two” is designed for paired reading. Shirl also gives advice for celebrating poetry as an oral art in classrooms.

Root Metaphors for Teaching: Learning from Our Passions

Ruth Shagoury finds her passion for bread-baking leads to rethinking how she differentiates instruction for students. Her colleagues then come up with their own metaphors in the study group activity.


This is a lovely poem with a message about how poetry can move us, and why it is essential in classrooms.

The Rolling Pin: Looking into Things

Celebrating simple, ordinary things – it’s what poetry and learning are all about.

How I Flunked Literacy Leadership 101

Jennifer Jones finds she is still learning on the job as a literacy coach, especially when it comes to building relationships through collaborative teaching. Here she shares a breakdown in communication with a colleague, and how she is working to rebuild the relationship.

Putting Ourselves in Our Teaching

Debbie Miller's wonderful essay is great to read when you're feeling rushed, and want to hit the "pause button" to remind yourself of what really matters in the classroom.

Chance Encounter

Jennifer Jones ventured out to lunch with some former colleagues, and came home with a new perspective on the impact of her teaching after a chance encounter with YuYang, a former student.

Tips from the Pros on Starting Your Own Writer’s Notebook or Teaching Journal

If you asked yourself, “What in this world do I never want to forget?” what might go in your notebook? Brenda Power offers routines and rhythms to write like the pros.

The Sharpening Stone

Summer is rushing along. Are you feeling restored or refreshed yet for the new year? Suzy Kaback writes about the power of the sharpening stone.

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