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Suzy Kaback is an associate professor of literacy education at St. Catherine University in Minnesota. 

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Developing Transcripts of Classroom Teaching with AI

Suzy Kaback provides a guide for using an AI chatbot to help generate transcripts to study explicit instructional moves. Download a progression to learn how to refine requests to create a high-quality transcript. This is the third installment in a series about using AI with teacher candidates.

AI in Teacher Prep

Suzy Kaback guides us in learning to use ChatGPT as a thought partner. She offers a compelling rationale, clear step-by-step directions, and resources to build a deeper understand of using AI to prepare for instruction. This is the second installment in a series about using AI with teacher candidates.

Meet Stevie, Our Imaginary AI Friend

Inspired by a third-grade teacher, Suzy Kaback uses AI to generate an imaginary student to engage her teacher candidates as they mediate teaching and learning through a proxy. This is the first installment in a series about using AI with teacher candidates.

The Language We Use and How It Strengthens Understanding

Suzy Kaback explores the importance of the way teachers use language and invite kids to use theirs. It is the key to knowing ourselves, tuning in to others, and understanding the larger world.

Getting to Know You . . . More: A Midyear Idea for Helping Kids Tune (Back) In to Each Other

Helping students tune into each other is both an anchor for building classrooms where caring is common, and where, as a result, learning blooms. Suzy Kaback gives suggestions for creating conditions where students can get to know each other more throughout the school year.

Transcripts as a Coaching Tool

Suzy Kaback shares a process to use transcripts as a coaching tool. Tips from her own experiences and several resource links will have you using this tool, too.

Belonging in a School Community

Suzy Kaback thinks deeply about the concept of belonging as an essential part of building a school community.

There You Are

Suzy Kaback uses the “My Life in Seven Stories” exercise from Jennifer Allen to coax teachers to write, share drafts, and connect their learning to crafting writing in classrooms.

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