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Finding ways for learners to communicate what they know from life and the books they read has been a crucial part of Andie Cunningham’s work within literacy. Andie is a literacy coach in Portland, Oregon. She is also National Courage and Renewal facilitator, and consistently brings Courage to Teach to the professionals with whom she works.

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Like Teacher, Like Student: Finding Emotional Support in Schools

Andie Cunningham and one of her kindergarten students share something in common at the start of the school year — tears as they struggle to find their place in a new community.

Listening and Storytelling

Andie Cunningham shares a simple and creative professional development activity that melds storytelling, art, and listening.

Channeling Monet

Andie Cunningham deals with the tension of welcoming an unhappy parent into her kindergarten classroom.

The Quiet Power of Language and Learning with Art

Andie Cunningham finds watercolors are the perfect tool for learning in a study group on a dreary winter day.

Strength in Assessment: A Professional Development Protocol

How can you lead a discussion about assessment without getting bogged down in minutia? Andie Cunningham shares a protocol that sparks participation with the drawback of one or two people (or assessment tools) dominating the conversation.

Learning from Kidwatching

Quiet kindergartners can be a challenge to understand when they are in the beginning stages of learning social and academic norms. Andie Cunningham uses observation to make sense of five-year-old Sierra’s learning.

Death in Books: Finding Our Way After Loss

Books can help children deal with the toughest challenges in life. In a new booklist, Andie Cunningham shares her top picks for stories about characters grappling with the death of a loved one.

Keeping Track of Questions

Andie Cunningham observes a third-grade teacher as she systematically improves the quality and depth of student questioning over time.

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