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Ruth Shagoury (formerly Hubbard) was the Mary Stuart Rogers Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education at Lewis & Clark College. She works with students of all ages, from preschool through adult learning situations, teaching in classrooms as well as conducting workshops across the United States and Canada. She is the author of 12 books, including Starting with Comprehension: Reading Strategies for the Youngest Learners with Andie Cunningham. Her articles about literacy, research, and teaching have appeared in numerous journals. Ruth’s current research is focused on language and literacy acquisition with diverse student populations.

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Comics and Graphic Novels for Tweens

Comic books and graphic novels are genres tweens adore, but teachers sometimes struggle to embrace. Ruth Shagoury creates a booklist with engaging books in the genre any teacher would enjoy.

Always Another Choice

Ruth Shagoury finds herself checking out during dysfunctional staff meetings. A mentor shares an anecdote and advice that helps her rethink her role with colleagues.

Poetry for Notetaking

Ruth Shagoury finds poetry is a wonderful tool for breakthroughs in classroom observation notes.

My Ideal Professional Bookshelf: What Does Yours Look Like?

Ruth Shagoury works with teachers as they brainstorm which books have most influenced their professional beliefs and practice.

An Ideal Professional Bookshelf: The Important Book for Teachers

Help teachers get back to their reading and teaching roots with this classic professional development activity from Ruth Shagoury.

Writing Conference Role-Plays: Learning to Listen In

Ruth Shagoury uses role-plays in professional development to help veteran and novice teachers hone their conferring skills.

Creating a Healthy Classroom Culture the First Week of School

Ruth Shagoury observes how a classroom community is built in one sixth-grade classroom, and ponders how she can use what she has observed with the young teachers she mentors.

Reading Interviews: Part 3

We conclude our video series of end-of-year reading interviews with Ruth Shagoury. In this installment, she asks students about how they have changed as readers throughout the year.

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