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Wild Reading: A Coach’s Perspective

Kathy Provost suggests a fun way for coaches to help students and teachers find joy again during independent reading.

Coaching Minute: Dividing Responsibilities Among Coaches

Kathy Provost and Heather Fisher explain how they worked to divide responsibilities fairly and efficiently over time.

Coaching Minute: Building a Coaching Rapport

Literacy coaches Ruth Ayres and Deb Gaby chat with second-grade teacher Cathy Laker about building trust in coaching and teaching relationships.

Coaching Letter to Jo

Julie Wright guides a harried fifth-grade teacher in this sample coaching letter.

Coaching Minute: Read to Every Class

Principal Jennifer Schwanke has a simple strategy for building connections to every reader in her school: she regularly reads to every class.

Secrets of Coaching Revisited

Jennifer Allen revisits the three principles that form her core beliefs about coaching, and decides to add a fourth.

Celebration Charts

Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan find that celebrating small triumphs from the week is a great way to launch any professional development session.

Literacy Day

Jennifer Schwanke tackles the challenge of developing an inviting curriculum for an "extra day" added to the school calendar because of weather disruptions.

Coaching Minute: Waiting to Respond

Heather Rader explains the WAIT strategy for responding to challenging email in this quick video tip.

Coaching Minute: Professional Development

Deb Gaby talks about the importance of professional development mirroring best practices in this quick video.

Changing Focus with New Teachers

Heather Sisson takes you through a professional development session in which she lets new teachers take the lead in guiding the conversation after she has carefully laid the groundwork.

Coaching Conversations: Collaborating and Celebrating Small Victories

Natasha Axelson shares some of the surprises and challenges of coaching, as well as the importance of celebrating small victories with Brenda Power in this audio interview.

Forming a Partnership with a New Coach

Kathy Provost shares practical advice for establishing a truly collaborative relationship with a new coaching colleague.

Coaching Minute: Lunch Tip

Trying to build relationships with teachers? Heather Rader suggests informal lunches in this quick video tip.

Leading a Multi-Day Curriculum Meeting

Jennifer Vincent adds ways for committee members to share notes and insights in writing outside meetings, as a way to ensure that all voices (especially those of introverts) can be heard.

Literacy Learning and Parent Teacher Organizations

Jennifer Schwanke changes her collaboration with her school's Parent Teacher Organization when she realizes that many in the group don't have the background knowledge to understand current practices.

Coaching Conversations: Building a Foundation of Trust

In this audio interview, Brenda Power chats with Gwen Blumberg about her lessons from her first years of coaching: trust takes time, and baby steps toward change need to be celebrated.

Coaching Minute: A Conduit for Resources

Heather Rader explains how coaches can best share resources with colleagues.

ABCs of Coaching

Heather Rader has compiled the perfect summer read for literacy coaches: an alphabet primer to help you be your best coaching self next fall.

Digital Clutter and Being Present with Teachers

Jennifer Vincent changes her approach to one-on-one appraisal conferences with teachers by eliminating "digital clutter" and finding other small ways to give those she is meeting with her full attention.

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