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Matt Renwick is an elementary principal who writes at Read by Example and tweets @ReadByExample. He is a veteran public educator, working first as a classroom teacher and now serving as the school leader at Mineral Point Elementary School (Mineral Point, Wisconsin). Matt’s educational writing and consultant work focus primarily on literacy instruction, school leadership, and technology integration. He has spoken at national conferences, including ASCD, ISTE, NAESP, NCTE, as well as facilitated workshops and professional learning experiences.

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Off the Hook: How to Engage with and Reframe Our Obstacles to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Obstacles are a part of literacy leadership. Matt Renwick offers three steps to reframe our obstacles in order to reduce anxiety and stress.

Examining (and Changing) Our Literacy Beliefs over Time

Changing one’s mind in today’s educational world can feel risky. We fear looking incompetent or like we don’t know what we believe. Matt Renwick learned firsthand that when leaders share how their thinking and beliefs around literacy instruction has changed, it increases the level of respect from others.

Quiet Coaching

Matt Renwick offers insightful ideas about reaching colleagues who are resistant to coaching. Matt offers three steps and practical ideas to “quietly coach.”

Misreading Body Language

Matt Renwick reminds us of the benefits and dangers of reading (or misreading) body language, and offers a way to get to the heart of communicating clearly.

Big, Loud, and Slow: Six Strategies for Better Public Speaking

Matt Renwick worked with a speech therapist after having a stroke. Through this process, he realized powerful teaching points to help students become stronger public speakers.

How to Manage Our Frustrations in Difficult Times

Matt Renwick offers an insightful perspective on how anger arises in educators, where it comes from, and what to do about it.

Coaching Up: How Teachers Can Support School Leaders ’ Capacity for Positively Influencing School-wide Instruction

Matt Renwick encourages school leaders to be brave and engage a teacher as a thought partner. This helps leaders construct a better understanding of school-wide instruction.

Coaching from Teachers’ Strengths

When observing literacy instruction, Matt Renwick asks the question “Who is being served and who is not?” This allows an entry point into a conversation based on teacher strengths while simultaneously being aware of equitable practices.

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