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Book Talks Go Digital

Stephanie Affinito creates a simple template to help teachers move book talks online in remote learning settings.

Increasing the Stickiness of Minilessons

Coaches often hear the same question from teachers: How can we get ideas from the minilesson to stick in workshops? Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share some of their best strategies for making minilessons “sticky.”

Solutions to Predictable Problems with Writing in Kindergarten

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills share their solutions to the most predictable issues that come up with writers in kindergarten.

Tips for Planning with Teachers

Melanie Meehan shares some of her favorite templates for flexible lesson planning with teachers.

One Teaching Point at a Time

Melanie Meehan opens her coaching notebook to show how she helps teachers slow down and avoid trying to teach too many writing skills at once.

Settling In

Dana Murphy shares one of her favorite classroom coaching tips: explaining the value of settling-in time at the start of literacy workshops.

Speech/Language Pathology and Literacy: Making Connections

Jennifer Schwanke explains why she routinely consults with a speech and language specialist for insights into reading and writing difficulties a student may be experiencing.

Building Specialist Capacity

Melanie Meehan explains how she creates videos to enhance the skills of paraprofessionals and volunteers working in classrooms.

Purposeful Post-Its

Many teachers have a love/hate relationship with sticky notes in their classrooms. They’re a wonderful tool, but it can feel like reading workshops are overrun with them. Melanie Swider coaches a teacher new to second grade with a series of collaborative lessons on using sticky notes purposefully.

Coaching Minute: Using Foam Boards with Students

In this quick video, Jennifer Allen explains how using foam boards with students can increase engagement and extend learning between demonstration lessons.

Tracking Characters in Fourth Grade

Kathy Provost leads a collaborative demonstration lesson on tracking characters with fourth graders. The lesson includes prebrief and debrief sessions with their teacher Jaime Leger.

Coaching a Shift to a New Writing Unit

Melanie Meehan coaches a third-grade teacher who is transitioning between information- and opinion-writing units, emphasizing how charts might be used in the class effectively.

Together: Supporting Readers Toward Independence

Cathy Mere works with first-grade teacher Deb Frazier to ensure that struggling readers receiving extra support still have plenty of time for independent reading in literacy workshops.

Nurturing a Growth Mindset in Young Readers

Heather Fisher shares some of the practical strategies she has developed to assist teachers with the issues of stamina and motivation in primary reading workshops.

Coaching and Tracking Conferences

Melanie Meehan shares some of her favorite prompts, strategies, and tools for effective conferences with students.

Picture It: Student Mentor Text Bulletin Board

Heather Fisher shares an example of a craft resource—a bulletin board highlighting student writing choices that can help peers hone their craft.

What Are You Working on Today?

Dana Murphy explains why reframing the opening question in conferences with children may be the most important thing teachers can do to foster more independence and stamina.

Coaching Collaboration: Visual Note Taking in First Grade

Heather Fisher and a first-grade teacher collaborate after an embarrassing classroom observation reveals that students need to develop note-taking skills.

From Worksheets to Workshops

A teacher asks first-year literacy coach Gretchen Taylor to observe and help with a disengaged student. Gretchen discovers in her observation that the issue may be that the literacy curriculum needs an update.

In the Trenches: Reflection, Not Perfection

Gretchen Taylor finds it’s important to suppress her urge to manage students when coaching—and to be honest with teachers about those urges.

Teaching Advanced Second-Grade Writers: Debrief

Literacy coach Kathy Provost and second-grade teacher Jen Volpicelli debrief after teaching a lesson for second graders who are moving beyond grade-level expectations in their writing. This is the third video in a three-part series.

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