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Teaching Advanced Second-Grade Writers: Designing the Lesson

Literacy coach Kathy Provost and second-grade teacher Jen Volpicelli design a lesson for second graders who are moving beyond grade-level expectations in their writing. This is the first video in a three-part series.

No Cookies: Reflection and Celebration

Melanie Meehan and a fourth-grade teacher develop a lesson to help a challenging class of students reflect on their learning.

Collaborative Teaching: Debrief

Literacy coach Kathy Provost and second-grade teacher Jen Volpicelli debrief after teaching a lesson on opinion writing to Owen and Laura. This is the third video in a three-part series.

Collaborative Teaching: Opinion Writing

Literacy coach Kathy Provost and second-grade teacher Jen Volpicelli teach a lesson on opinion writing to Owen and Laura. This is the second video in a three-part series.

Planning for Collaborative Teaching

Literacy coach Kathy Provost plans for small-group instruction with second-grade teacher Jen Volpicelli. This first video in a series is excellent for thinking through how coaches can make their planning and instruction for demonstration lessons more collaborative with teachers.

Repertoire: A Coach’s Perspective

Melanie Meehan considers how coaches, teachers, and students can build a range of strategies they know how to access easily for independent learning.

Keeping Note Taking Fresh for Students

Kathy Provost shares many note-taking options teachers might try with students, especially those involving sketching and other visual aids.

Shifting to Student-Centered Coaching

Melanie Meehan explains why she made the shift from focusing on teacher skills to student needs in coaching, and how that has led to more reflective practice for everyone.

Seizing a Coaching Opportunity

Melanie Quinn develops a new appreciation for a fifth-grade teacher’s struggles with her class, and finds an opportunity to open a conversation about student motivation and community building.

Four Ways to Breathe Life into Classroom Charts

Melanie Meehan has suggestions for helping teachers reconsider and refresh the anchor charts in their classrooms.

Reframing Questions to Build a Reading Community

Stella Villalba and the second-grade teachers she coaches take a midyear look at the routines in place for building reading habits and conversations.

Student-Centered Coaching: Collaborating with Teachers

Heather Sisson considers when she has experienced success and when she has failed in attempting to collaborate with teachers.

I Should Have Stopped at the Staples

Have you ever tried to do too much in a conference with a student? Have you ever had this happen when a teacher is observing you as a model? Kathy Provost describes how the experience with a kindergarten student provided valuable insights for her and the child's teacher.

Everyone Needs a Carly

Gretchen Taylor explains why she moved from teaching to coaching, after her best year ever in the classroom.

Preparing to Model Writing Workshop

Ruth Ayres explains how she uses conversations with classroom teachers to prepare for modeling instruction.

Collaborative Conferring

Bill Bass helps a group of teachers set up a conferring document in Google Drive that allows everyone (teachers, specialists, and administrators) to share insights on young readers they work with throughout the day.

The Writing Process Revisited

Shari Frost considers the dangers of a lockstep approach to the writing process in classrooms.

Throw It In, Stir It Up, See What We Get: English Language Learners Tackling Complex Texts

While planning a unit for social studies in line with the Common Core, Suki Mozenter and colleagues shift their thinking and practice about scaffolding complex texts.

Picture Walks Gone Wild: Supporting Teachers in the Appropriate Use of Picture Walks

Shari Frost grapples with the issue of picture walks that are too long, and how to guide teachers in leading picture walks that are more focused and purposeful.

No Time for Collaboration

How can teachers and specialists collaborate when they are already stretched so thin for time? Shari Frost presents a case study from fifth grade.

Coaching Minute: Flexible Plans

The key to successful coaching in classrooms? Ruth Ayres believes it is flexibility and keeping some space in your schedule for the unexpected, as she explains in this Coaching Minute video.

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