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Systems Thinking and Educational Change

Julie Wright shares some tips for using systems thinking in developing plans for instructional change in schools and districts.

Picture It: Celebrate!

Jason DiCarlo shares a 15-minute monthly activity for celebrating literacy breakthroughs with teachers.

Pushing the Pause Button for Reflection: Literacy Chats

Principal Karen Szymusiak finds "literacy chats" are an effective structure for fostering ongoing discussions across grades about reading and writing instruction.

Guess Who’s Coming? Planning an Author Visit

Deb Gaby has many practical tips for planning an author visit as a schoolwide celebration of literacy.

Third-Grade Demonstration Lesson: Multisyllabic Words

In this small-group demonstration lesson, Tammy Mulligan helps third graders decipher multisyllabic words. The video includes a prebrief and debrief with the classroom teacher.

Teacher Evaluation: A New Role for Coaches

Jennifer Allen discovers she can play a key role as a literacy coach in helping colleagues understand a new teacher evaluation model.

Developing a Collaborative Vision for Leading Literacy Coaches

Heather Sisson finds that summer is the best time for developing a shared vision of guiding literacy coaches with a colleague.

Coaching Minute: Voice Memos

Heather Rader explains how she uses voice memos to help in planning and sharing information in this quick video tip.

Operation Classroom Library

Shari Frost has wise advice for helping new teachers build a classroom library from scratch without breaking the bank.

Climbing Gordon’s Ladder with New Teachers

Jennifer Vincent finds that Gordon's Ladder is a powerful tool for mentoring new teachers.

Planning for a Year of Study Groups

Jennifer Allen plans for next year’s study groups and other ongoing professional development offerings each spring, to give teachers lots of time to choose which groups might meet their needs.

Coaching Minute: Professional Development Matters for Us

In this brief video, Ruth Ayres explains why professional development is important for all of us, no matter your leadership role.

Interviewing a Coach

Heather Rader shares tips on interviewing candidates for literacy coaching positions.

Teacher Blogs in the Digital World

Julie Johnson introduces blogging to teachers in a digital learning class, and shares “mentor blog” resources to help any teacher get started with blogging.

Picture It: Binder Full of Coaching

Heather Rader shares a photo of her coaching binder, an essential tool for staying organized as she moves between the 13 elementary schools in her district.

Coaching in the Moment

Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan explain why unstructured coaching support time may be some of the most valuable to include in your schedule.

Coaching Boundaries: Do You Have Any?

Jennifer Allen realizes she may be provoking unreasonable requests from teachers because she doesn't have clear boundaries for her workday.

Intentional Agendas: Planning for Teacher Learning

Julie Wright finds she uses the same principles to design professional development agendas and literacy workshops.

Coaching Minute: Music

Heather Rader talks about the power of music in setting the tone for professional development in this quick video tip.

Using Meeting Minutes as a Reflective Tool

How are you using your meeting minutes? Jennifer Allen discovers they can be a surprisingly useful tool for building common language and goals across grade-level teams.

Puppies and Babies and Kittens, Oh My! Support for Maternity Leaves

Are you experiencing a new “baby boom” among teachers in your school? Melanie Quinn has advice on assisting in classrooms where teachers are going on maternity leave.

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