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Tapping Novelty for What Teachers Need

Suzy Kaback engages in the power of novelty to uproot dissatisfaction during curriculum meetings. It begins by asking, “What do teachers need?” and then providing time to meet their needs.

Coaching Minute: Clarifying a Vision

Inga Omondi encourages asking questions during meetings to determine how a vision needs to be clarified.

Cultivating a Habit of Reading Children’s Literature as Part of Our Professional Growth

Stella Villalba is committed to having teachers share picture books during professional development sessions to deepen their reading identities and enhance their choices of picture books to use in their classrooms.

Coaching Minute: The Power of Video Debriefs

Jean Russell explains why she captures her coaching debriefs with teachers, and how these videos serve as powerful tools for learning.

Putting Together Powerful PD

Are you looking for a way to plan meaningful professional development sessions? Julie Cox suggests a simple outline: Present a basic question, and then provide something to do, something to take, and something to inspire.

Coaching in Community: Co-Creating Learning Spaces (Part II)

Stella Villalba suggests that we consider how to continue creating spaces where learning is co-created with a community. In this second installment, she offers questions for reflective practice and practical ways to amplify teachers’ brilliance.

Coaching Minute: Getting into Classrooms

Principal Lee Snider talks with literacy coach Lora Bieghler about being intentional about getting into classrooms.

Great Short Reads for Busy Teachers

Shari Frost shares some of her favorite short reads for teachers who find it difficult to keep up with a reading habit.

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