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What I Wish I’d Known As a New Coach

Melanie Meehan shares her best advice for new coaches, hard-won from experience.

A Good Coach Is a Good Wingman

Ruth Ayres explains how a literacy coach is a wingman for teachers, with a mission of watching for danger, protecting, supporting, and encouraging.

What Matters Most: Building Relationships

Dana Murphy explains why building relationships with teachers early in the year is important for literacy coaches, even if you are already part of a solid teaching community.

Coaching Debrief Early in the Year

Heather Rader observes Sean Moore teach a writing lesson to his second graders early in the year. This video of the debrief session highlights Heather’s open-ended questions and listening strategies.

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Julie Johnson experiences a horrible moment as a literacy coach, and realizes she needs to slow down and prioritize her time in new ways.

Learning How to Communicate: From Teacher to Coach

Gretchen Taylor weeds through old teaching files in her early days as a literacy coach and finds a common theme in both roles: the tendency to send overly long emails and notes.

Narrative Nonfiction Conference

Literacy coach Heather Rader confers with Beth Lawson about using more narrative nonfiction in both reading and writing workshops.

Getting Creative in Building Relationships with Teachers

If you are struggling to build relationships with a few teachers in your community, you might enjoy these creative suggestions from Ruth Ayres.

Just Tell Me! Evaluation and the Coach’s Dilemma

Kathy Provost resists the role of evaluator as a literacy coach, but a classroom observation and the teacher's reaction makes her question this stance.

Coaching Conversations: Easing Your Way into Positive Relationships

Sharon Thompson shares some of the highs (growing interest in getting help, via word of mouth) and lows (tutoring in an unheated closet?!) of her first year of coaching in this brief audio interview.

Picture It: Mentoring Organization

How are you helping new teachers reorganize their classrooms now that the school year is well under way and issues are emerging? Sharing snapshots of how other teachers work through organization issues can help. Here is one example from Mandy Robek's kindergarten classroom.

Coaching Minute: Listen and Be Brave

Deb Gaby has wise advice about the coach's role with teachers in this brief video.

Reflection and Growth with New Teachers

Jennifer Vincent helps two new teachers look critically at their work with families, using research and practical tools to encourage them to grow.

Coaching Conference Early in the Year

Melanie Quinn meets with kindergarten teacher Neisha in this brief conference, asking her to share her goals for the year in changing writing workshop, as well as how Melanie can assist her as a coach.

Coaching Minute: Notes

Heather Rader explains how she uses the “notes” section in organizers to build rapport with teachers in this quick video tip.

Match-and-Move in Coaching

Prompted by a rude clerk, Heather Rader reflects on the use of matching-and-moving while coaching.

A Secret to Successful Teacher-Coach Relationships

Ruth Ayres shares a secret of the most successful coaching relationships.

Coaching Minute: Personal Story Barometer

Are you sharing too many anecdotes in your coaching? In this quick video tip, Heather Rader explains the “personal story barometer” she uses to gauge whether a story should be shared.

You Are Not My Mentor

Heather Rader questions why some mentor/mentee relationships don’t click, and what we can do about it.

Coaching Minute: Teachers First

In this brief video, Ruth Ayres explains why listening and asking genuine questions are essential when mentoring teachers.

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