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Every Classroom, Every Day

Matt Renwick shares the many benefits of literacy leaders spending as much time as possible every day in classrooms.

Dear Coach

In this open letter to her literacy coach, Andrea Smith shares the secrets of how any coach can find themselves welcome in classrooms.

Being Present

Gretchen Taylor thinks about the messages we send when we allow ourselves to be distracted by technology in professional settings.

Coaching for Kindergarten Writing

Melanie Meehan meets with kindergarten teacher Katie to talk through the needs of two children who are just beginning to learn how to transfer their stories from home to the page.

Kindergarten Writing: Helping Advanced Learners

Melanie Meehan meets with kindergarten teacher Hayley to examine student work and talk about how to help young learners who are still in transition from home to school environments.

New-to-Grade-Level Teacher Tool Kit

This is the time of year when many teachers are getting new grade assignments for the coming year. Melanie Meehan shares a tool kit she's designed to help each teacher make the shift.

Starting with Core Beliefs and Values

Jennifer Vincent shares some of her favorite strategies for helping colleagues describe their core beliefs and values.

Improving My Feedback

Brian Sepe explores the difference between appreciative and coaching feedback, and why both are essential for literacy coaches to give to teachers.

The Importance of Encouragement

Melanie Meehan and a coaching colleague transfer lessons from their children participating on sports teams to their coaching sessions.

Ending Coaching Cycles with Reflection

Melanie Meehan shares tools and tips for integrating more reflection into coaching cycles.

A Coach’s Toolbox: Transcribing Talk

Dana Murphy finds one of the most important tools in her coaching arsenal is transcription. She explains when transcription is effective and gives tips for effective note taking.

Coaching Basics: Choice

Ruth Ayres explains how coaches can help teachers value choice in writing units through flexibility in genres and other structural supports.

Why I Love Having a Coach

Franki Sibberson shares a teacher's perspective on why even the most experienced teachers can benefit from having a coach as a mentor.

On Being Observed

In this brief video, Jeni, a third-grade teacher, shares insights about the experience of being observed and what needs to be in place in the school climate for classroom observations to work well.

What I Wish I’d Known As a New Coach

Melanie Meehan shares her best advice for new coaches, hard-won from experience.

A Good Coach Is a Good Wingman

Ruth Ayres explains how a literacy coach is a wingman for teachers, with a mission of watching for danger, protecting, supporting, and encouraging.

What Matters Most: Building Relationships

Dana Murphy explains why building relationships with teachers early in the year is important for literacy coaches, even if you are already part of a solid teaching community.

Coaching Debrief Early in the Year

Heather Rader observes Sean Moore teach a writing lesson to his second graders early in the year. This video of the debrief session highlights Heather’s open-ended questions and listening strategies.

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Julie Johnson experiences a horrible moment as a literacy coach, and realizes she needs to slow down and prioritize her time in new ways.

Learning How to Communicate: From Teacher to Coach

Gretchen Taylor weeds through old teaching files in her early days as a literacy coach and finds a common theme in both roles: the tendency to send overly long emails and notes.

Narrative Nonfiction Conference

Literacy coach Heather Rader confers with Beth Lawson about using more narrative nonfiction in both reading and writing workshops.

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