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Teaching Rereading Strategies: Backing Up and the Bossy E

In this conference with second grader TJ from Sean Moore's classroom, the strategies of backing up and rereading as well as attending to the "bossy e" are discussed.

Listen In: Writing Reviews

In this video, Kincaid shares a complex system of recording beloved fantasy books and characters. Even though it wasn’t planned, Heather and Kincaid end up discussing reviews as a potential way to inform and explain the fantasy reading.

Expanding Definitions of “Just Right” Books

Tammy Mulligan works with two seven-year-olds to teach them strategies for building reading stamina. After discussing the “take a break” strategy, she introduces them to the “make a plan” strategy and has them practice.

Listen In: About the Author

Heather Rader confers with second grader Myia over the “About the Author” piece she’s started on her own. Together they study mentor texts and generate attributes of good author biographies to lift the quality of Myia’s writing.

Nonfiction Read Aloud (Part 1)

Sean Moore engages his second graders in a read aloud of the book Plants That Eat Animals. Sean varies the ways the students respond to the read aloud. He also chooses to read the text without showing any visual supports when he wants the students to create mental images, focus on vocabulary, or make connections between the text and their experiences.

From Rages to Rags: Conferring with Conner

In this video, Sean Moore confers with Conner who is working on reading accurately. When he bumps into an unknown word, Sean reminds him of the kinesthetic motions for Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?

Voila! Best Writing and Entry Slips in Second Grade

Linda Karamatic leads a small group of second graders who are choosing pieces with the help of their peers to place in their portfolios. After reading and discussing their pieces, Linda shares an entry slip to encourage more careful selection of writing.

Listen In: Strategies for Using Nonfiction Texts in Writing

Heather confers with Alyssa and Sammi on how to use the nonfiction mentor texts as supports for their literary nonfiction writing without copying. The girls are introduced to four steps that they rehearse together during the conference

Listen In: Writing in Math

Heather Rader confers with Maya about her math riddles. Together they look at her homework assignment. Heather suggests the mentor text Tally O’Malley by Stuart Murphy to show how authors might write about math.

Linking Morning Message, Poetry, and Word Learning

In this video, second graders start off their morning by reading a message out loud. Linda Karamatic has included a challenging word to discuss meaning. Students also share out what they are thinking about and how they are using words from their “Words, Words, Words” board.

Conferring: Stretching Words

Beth Lawson works with an English language learner writing his first sentence, School is over. Using tools of an alphabet chart and the strategy of stretching it out, this student works through the sentence with Beth's support.

Listen In: XBox Game Writing

Heather confers with Cody about his gaming story. He starts off the conference by reading aloud an excerpt of his writing. Heather responds to it personally as well as compliments his growing awareness of audience. She then uses a mentor text “Shortstop from Tokyo” by Matt Christopher to show him how long and short sentences can be used to make active writing engaging. She ends with an invitation to play with this concept in his writing.

Talking About Synthesis: Metaphors from 2nd Graders

Principal Karen Szymusiak visits a second-grade classroom in her school to sit in on a discussion of synthesis.

Accuracy and Comprehension: Conferring in 2nd Grade

In this video, Sean confers with a second grader who is working on reading the actual print words vs. substituting words that make sense in context, but may alter the meaning slightly. She begins by summarizing her series book and then they work toward the goal. Sean reinforces what is really important for her as a reader.

Fluency in Focus: Conferring with Jake

Gail Boushey confers with Jake during reading workshop. Jake has a goal of working on fluency in his reading. Click here to download the workshop guide. COMMON CORE CONNECTIONS:  RF.1.4....

Nonfiction Read Aloud (Part 2)

Sean Moore is reading Plants That Eat Animals to his second graders. He asks students to listen for short periods of time, and then has them remember two facts and do a think pair share quickly.

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