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Beth Lawson worked for more than a decade as a grades 3 and 4 teacher in the Evergreen (Washington) School District. She is currently a literacy coach.

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Restarting a Writing Draft in Fourth Grade

Beth Lawson confers with Michael, a fourth-grade writer who struggles with focus and basic conventions.

Dictation in Fourth Grade: Conferring with Donovan

Beth Lawson helps fourth grader Donovan focus his many ideas for writing through some dictation in a writing conference.

Visualizing Plot Points: The Roller Coaster Conference

Beth Lawson helps a child visualize a mystery story he is writing as a roller coaster with ups and downs, and twists and turns.

Conferring About the Author

Beth Lawson confers with a fourth grader about her “about the author” blurb, a great chance to learn more about students’ home passions.

Independence in Writing Workshop

Beth Lawson uses an LCD, whiteboard, and magnetic clips in a clever way during the transition from minilessons to independent writing in writing workshop. Students tag whether they will be working on drafts or conferring with peers as Beth completes her status of the class on the board.

Finding a Writing Buddy

Beth Lawson helps her fourth graders sort through what makes peer collaboration work during writing buddy time.

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