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Listen In: Strategies for Using Nonfiction Texts in Writing

Heather confers with Alyssa and Sammi on how to use the nonfiction mentor texts as supports for their literary nonfiction writing without copying. The girls are introduced to four steps that they rehearse together during the conference

Listen In: XBox Game Writing

Heather confers with Cody about his gaming story. He starts off the conference by reading aloud an excerpt of his writing. Heather responds to it personally as well as compliments his growing awareness of audience. She then uses a mentor text “Shortstop from Tokyo” by Matt Christopher to show him how long and short sentences can be used to make active writing engaging. She ends with an invitation to play with this concept in his writing.

Listen In: About the Author

Heather Rader confers with second grader Myia over the “About the Author” piece she’s started on her own. Together they study mentor texts and generate attributes of good author biographies to lift the quality of Myia’s writing.