Beginning a Novel with Close Reading

Aimee Buckner helps a fourth-grade boy tease out emerging themes in the first pages of the novel Morning Girl.  

From Strengths to Revision: Conferring with Connor

Karen Terlecky confers with Connor in her fifth-grade classroom. She demonstrates how to begin with strengths, and build to revision suggestions.

Restarting a Writing Draft in Fourth Grade

Beth Lawson confers with Michael, who needs to restart his writing draft.  

“How Can I Help?” Conference

Ruth Ayres helps a fourth grader reflect on whether she is finished with her personal narrative, and how Ruth might assist her.    

Conferring with Boys in Sixth Grade

Katie Doherty confers with boys in her sixth-grade reading workshop. This is the second installment in a two-part video series.  

Conferring with Boys in Middle School

Katie Doherty circulates for quick conferences with boys about their independent reading in her sixth-grade classroom.  

Adding Dialogue to Writing: Conferring with Sam

Karen Terlecky confers with Sam about adding dialogue to writing in her fifth-grade classroom.

Using a Strategy Card in a Reading Conference

Deb Gaby confers with second grader Reagan early in the school year. She is reading her first chapter book, and using a reading strategies "toolkit" for support.  

Conferring with Sebastian: Independent Reading in First Grade

Katie DiCesare confers with first grader Sebastian. Sebastian is an early reader who loves characters and adventure. Katie helps Sebastian prepare to talk with his peers about a new series he is enjoying.

Quick Writing Conferences in Second Grade

In these brief writing conferences with second graders, Sean Moore reinforces an earlier minilesson on using descriptive language.    

Getting to Know a Young Reader

Deb Gaby confers with Kendall early in the school year, artfully mixing conversation with assessment of reading skills and preferences.  

Questioning Questions: Rethinking Prompts for Reading Conferences

Reading conferences are an important part of the teacher’s work during independent reading. The conversations we have with students during this time are meant to provide us with valuable information...

Catching Up with Anna

Because reading workshop and book clubs are such a big part of my reading curriculum, it is crucial that kids keep up with the work. To do that, they need...

Notebook Sketching: Conferring with Sarah

Aimee Buckner confers with Sarah about sketching in her notebook.  

Making Time for Individual Conferences

I called Courtney over for a reading conference in early November. I had called her over to check in about a few things, but before she had even sat down,...

Making Memories Stick: Tutoring Kirk

Memory tasks challenge some children. Teachers might assume that demonstration, copying, reciting, and repeating tasks are sufficient. Yet for some children our instruction does not stick. We try alternatives such...

Moving Away from Bed to Bed: Conferring with Ty

Ruth Ayres confers with fourth grader Ty about his personal narrative, and works to move him away from a “bed-to-bed” approach in his writing.  

Guiding Principles for Conferring

As I confer with students in writing workshop, I have a few guiding beliefs that govern how I approach students, what I say, and what I teach. These six tenets...

Conferring About Characters in First Grade

Katie DiCesare confers with Vidhi about the main character in her independent reading book.    

Dictation in Fourth Grade: Conferring with Donovan

Beth Lawson confers with Donovan, a fourth grader who needs help getting his ideas on the page.  

Visualizing Plot Points: The Roller Coaster Conference

Beth Lawson helps a fourth grader visualize the plot of the mystery he is writing by using the visual of a roller coaster.