Building a Next-Read Nonfiction Stack

Katherine Sokolowski helps fifth grader Jack build a next-read stack of nonfiction, highlighting a variety of text features and historical references.  

Peer Support in Writing Workshop: Conferring with Jaden

Christy Rush-Levine meets with eighth grader Jaden, who talks through his struggles in writing a conclusion to his literary analysis, and how his peers helped him improve the writing.  

Close Attention and Reading Response: Conferring with Tori

Christy confers with eighth grader Tori about her reading response to Why We Broke Up. She encourages Tori to make connections between the characters in her current book and her...

First-Grade Conference: Stretching Writing

Katrina Edwards helps first grader Dylan stretch out his writing with details by having him talk through playing with friends near his home.    

Teaching Fifth Graders to Make Peer Recommendations

Katherine Sokolowski scaffolds Liam and Caden through the process of learning to recommend books to each other.  

“If You Like” Reading Recommendations Conference

Katherine Sokolowski confers with fifth grader Taryn, connecting her love of Rick Riordan books with other reading possibilities.

Writing a Strong Conclusion to a Literary Analysis Essay

Christy Rush-Levine helps eighth grader Katherine sort through tools and strategies for writing a strong conclusion to her literary analysis essay.  

Eighth-Grade Conference: Empathetic Reading

Christy Rush-Levine confers with eighth grader Julian about his strengths as an empathetic reader.

Super Teacher Reading Workshop

In a recent article, Brenda Power encouraged teachers to reconsider workshop routines, to “knock down” what seems to be a “load-bearing wall” of the workshop and then duck. She warned...

Conferring in First Grade: Reading Illustrations

Katrina Edwards helps a first grader use pictures to help her make sense of confusing text.    

Conferring with Spencer: Writing Notebook Topics

Katherine Sokolowski helps fifth grader Spencer brainstorm topics for his writing notebook.    

Celebrating and Nudging: First-Grade Writing Conference

Bitsy Parks takes time to celebrate first grader Colson's finished writing, even as she nudges him to try a technique shared in the day's minilesson.  

Building a Next-Read Stack

Katherine Sokolowski helps fifth grader Abby build her next-read stack of books.

Digital Revision: Conferring with Aidan

Gigi McAllister helps fourth grader Aidan revise his writing on the computer to flesh out character development.

Brainstorming Writing Topics with Drew

Katherine Sokolowski confers with Drew about writing at home, brainstorming possible topics. In the process she shows how much she knows about Drew's life outside of school.

First-Grade Conferring: A Two-Word Picture Book

Bitsy Parks confers with a first-grade English language learner over a very simple picture book.  

Do I Really Have to Keep Conferring Notes?

When it comes to conferring, the million-dollar question is “Do I really need to keep conference notes?” This is a fair question, and one that is best answered by looking...

Conferring Questions

When I first jumped into writing workshop, I was nervous about what to say in a conference. I wanted to get it right, and I didn’t want to look ridiculous....

Best First Drafts

Ruth Ayres confers with fourth grader Nicole and reinforces advice from her mom about striving for accurate conventions in first drafts.

Picture Walks for Comprehension: Conferring with Dylan

Katrina Edwards confers with first grader Dylan, teaching this young English language learner the value of picture walks for comprehension.  

The Power of Group Conferences in Fifth Grade

A few years ago I read Donalyn Miller’s Reading in the Wild and was struck by two of her “traits” of wild readers: readers have plans, and readers talk to...