Addressing Conventions: Conferring with Jack

Katie DiCesare works with a first grader on the strategy of rereading one’s writing to address conventions and revise the title and ending.

Conferring About the Author

Beth Lawson confers with a fourth grader about her “about the author” blurb, a great chance to learn more about students’ home passions.  

First-Grade Humor: Conferring with Jude

Katie DiCesare confers with first grader Jude about the humor in his underpants “hero” writing.  

Personal Narratives and Memoir: Conferring with Bode

Ruth Ayres confers with Bode about the difference between personal narratives and memoirs, and the value of mining the writing journal for topics.  

Fluency and Comprehension Conference

In this brief conference, Aimee Buckner confers with Amanda about her fluency and comprehension.  

Conferring About Illustrations

Ruth Ayres confers with a third grader who is preparing to add illustrations to her story. The mentor text she uses is The Pain and the Great One.    

Revising Writing: Fourth-Grade Conference

Tony Keefer confers with Sydney about revising her piece.  

An Organizing Tool for Writing

Ruth Ayres shares a visual organizing scheme with Allie for organizing her personal narrative writing.    

Fourth-Grade Reading Conference: Focusing While Reading

Aimee Buckner helps fourth grader Isaiah focus his reading early in the year in this quick conference. Isaiah is reading Morning Girl by Michael Dorris.  

Fifth-Grade Memoir Writing: Conferring with Wesley

Ruth Ayres confers with Wesley about his memoir writing on his time in the Boy Scouts.  

Book Choice Conference in Kindergarten

Teaching children how to make thoughtful book selections is hard work, but it’s not out of their reach, or ours. Debbie Miller Today was an exciting day in our room....

Conferring About Illustration in Kindergarten

Ruth Ayres confers with five-year-old Abby about her apple illustration early in the school year.  

Home and School, Fiction and Nonfiction: Eighth-Grade Conference

Katie Baydo Reed confers with an eighth-grade student, giving advice about which books are appropriate for home reading, and moving between fiction and nonfiction texts.  

Conveying Messages with Cover Art

Ruth Ayres confers with fourth grader Braden about the value of cover art in conveying ideas from his story about a road trip.  

Mental Images: Connecting Reading and Sketching

Sean Moore confers with second grader Teague, encouraging him to sketch as he reads.    

Conferring About Independent Reading

Karen Terlecky confers with fifth grader Alex about making wise choices during independent reading time.  

Visiting the Doctor: Conferring with Alexis

Ruth Ayres confers with Alexis over her story on visiting the doctor for a shot. They talk about illustrations and labeling.  

Conferring About Word Learning

Sean Moore confers with Mikhail about his reading and strategies for highlighting new vocabulary.  

Drama and Two-Page Spreads: Conferring with Max

Ruth Ayres confers with second grader Max about the story of his lost dog, and uses a mentor text to demonstrate the power of two-page spreads.    

Stuck on a Thesis

In this conference with a 4th grader, Beth Lawson works with a student who has chosen a challenging essay topic and is struggling to develop his thesis.

Conferring About Lemony Snicket and Vocabulary

Aimee Buckner confers with fourth grader Samantha about reading a series and tackling challenging vocabulary at the same time in this brief video.