Young Learners and Self-Talk

“She does a lot of self-talk while she is reading. We don’t want her to do that,” the teacher says. “Why?” I ask. I wonder why the teacher is seeing...

Digital and Disney: Conferring with Ben

It would be easy to zip quickly through a writing conference about a vacation story, especially one about a trip to Disney. Franki Sibberson doesn’t do that. She slows down...

Student-Led Minilesson: Annotating Reading with Sticky Notes

Reagan from Franki Sibberson’s fifth-grade classroom presents a minilesson on annotating reading with sticky notes.

Crafting the Basics: First-Grade Writing Conference

Bitsy Parks confers with Aubrey early in the year, connecting key text elements such as title, author, and the links between images and text to mentor texts used in whole-class...

Writing Partner Feedback in Fifth Grade

In this video, partner teams in Franki Sibberson’s fifth-grade class share their drafts and ask for specific feedback on their opinion writing pieces.  

First-Grade Writing Conference: Celebrations to Suggestions

Katrina Edwards begins her conference with first grader Allen by celebrating all he is doing well in his writing. She highlights his language and details in writing before moving on...

Cause and Effect: Conferring with Olivia

Christy Rush-Levine helps eighth grader Olivia deepen her understanding of cause and effect in this reading conference.    

Linking Pictures and Text: Conferring with Ava

Katrina Edwards begins her conference with first grader Ava by having her share what she learned from a picture walk through a simple text, and then she helps her use...

History Through a Child’s Eyes: Conferring with Omar

Christy Rush-Levine confers with Omar, who is reading The Rock and the River. The book is a fictional account of a tumultuous time in civil rights history, considering protests through...

A Poem About Lost Friendship: Conferring with Estelle

Estelle shares a poem she has written about lost friendship with her teacher, Katherine Sokolowski. She captures the fickle nature of fifth-grade relationships among girls. Katherine connects the cadence of...

Reading Conference: Keeping Track of Characters

Christy Rush-Levine refers back to a previous reading response to help eighth grader Edith track changes in characters’ relationships in Room, the novel she is reading.  

From Title to Theme: Conferring with Jadev

Christy Rush-Levine confers with eighth grader Jadev about how the title of a book often gives clues to its theme.

Writing Routines: Drafting Autonomy

This past year, I’ve taken time to evaluate my role in the writing workshop. One question I’ve asked myself is Am I interrupting students writing by continually conferring with them?...

Understanding War: Conferring with Cam

Christy Rush-Levine confers with Cam, an eighth grader who seeks to understand the complexity of war through the experiences of main characters in novels.

Conference Records That Stay with Kids

As I waited for the transition to writing workshop, I looked around the kindergarten classroom. It was packed! Not only were class sizes large—34 five-year-olds had prepared their desks for...

Conferring Notes

I have a crazy, multifaceted system for keeping track of our grocery list at our house. My system is part digital, using the Google Keep app on my iPhone. I...

Conferring: Establishing a Setting in a Novel

Aimee Buckner confers with Chad, a fourth grader who has a dilemma: how to figure out the setting in a historical fiction novel when there are no pictures.

Building a Next-Read Nonfiction Stack

Katherine Sokolowski helps fifth grader Jack build a next-read stack of nonfiction, highlighting a variety of text features and historical references.  

Peer Support in Writing Workshop: Conferring with Jaden

Christy Rush-Levine meets with eighth grader Jaden, who talks through his struggles in writing a conclusion to his literary analysis, and how his peers helped him improve the writing.  

Close Attention and Reading Response: Conferring with Tori

Christy confers with eighth grader Tori about her reading response to Why We Broke Up. She encourages Tori to make connections between the characters in her current book and her...

First-Grade Conference: Stretching Writing

Katrina Edwards helps first grader Dylan stretch out his writing with details by having him talk through playing with friends near his home.