Top 10 Conferring Tips

“Everyone has a Top 10 list,” Sam said at dinner. “Mine would be Top 10 Things to Recycle on a Train Layout.” Sam went on to explain that you think...

Student-Led Conferences from Many Perspectives

In Ohio, teaching third grade has become particularly challenging, as it is sometimes difficult not to be consumed with test scores and test results. We have an Ohio law called...

Previewing a Book with Zoe

Andrea Smith previews a book with fourth grader Zoe in this reading conference.

The Importance of Their Words

Just yesterday, I sat down next to a second-grade boy during his writing workshop. He and his classmates were working their way through their opinion unit, and he was managing...

Conferring, Illustrations, and Emotion in Young Learners

Ruth Ayres confers with second grader Max about the story of his lost dog, and uses a mentor text to demonstrate the power of two-page spreads. Click here to download...

How to Keep Conferring Notes

My husband, Andy, coaches our daughter’s junior league softball team. He is a bit of an extremist when it comes to collecting stats and notes on each player. He keeps...

Finding Clues in Writing Folders

We had just wrapped up our writing celebration—a museum filled with student experts talking and teaching about topics they care about. I was reading through the final published pieces, celebrating...

Table Charts in Second Grade

Melanie Meehan chats with second-grade teacher Nadia Egan about the use of table charts with students.  

Inferring and Synthesis: Conferring Over Series Books

Beth Lawson shows how to get the most from a conference about series books in third grade. Inferring and synthesis are discussed, as well as the use of written notes for making meaning from texts.

Prompting and Support

Mandy Robek demonstrates the strategies of teach, prompt, and reinforce when conferring with kindergartner Jeri.

Conferring with Ben: Brainstorming Writing Topics and Genres

Katherine Sokolowski helps fifth grader Ben brainstorm ideas for writing, and in the process encourages him to try a new genre.

Tweeting a Favorite Author

Katherine Sokolowski helps her fifth-grade student Tyler send a tweet to a favorite author.

Conferring with Zack

Beth Honeycutt confers with eighth grader Zack about his latest reading choice.

Listen In: Magnifying a Moment in Writing

Sometimes using a prop can help young students understand a revision strategy. Heather Rader helps second grader Sammi understand how to "magnify" a moment when revising her writing.

The Compliment Conference

Camilla sorts her book bag, and a frown stretches across her face as she slides books out and tosses them to the side. Her shoulders slump, and she looks out...

Kindergarten Reading Conference: Building Confidence

Mikey was my second reading conference, and before I had settled in, he had an urgent need. He needed to tell me he couldn’t read the book he had self-selected....

Risk and All

“You’re killing me,” said Kacie. She sat across from me in my office. Pale complexion, freckles, thick orange shoulder-length hair. She wore gray sweats, one leg tucked beneath her. She...

Conferring Over “Finished” Writing

Ruth Ayres confers with fifth grader Grant over the delicate topic of making changes to a “finished” piece.  

Making Home Connections While Conferring

Ruth Ayres meets with Zoey, a quiet writer who is drawn into the conversation through family stories and a mentor text with vivid illustrations.  

Conferring with Jeri in Kindergarten

Independent reading provides the indispensable practice that literacy learners require to become successful, self-regulating, self-monitoring readers.                                                     Regie Routman Jeri was my third reading conference for the day. I learned...

A Thesis Statement: Conferring with Connor

Ruth Ayres confers with sixth grader Connor about a thesis statement for an essay.