More Sophisticated Mysteries: Conferring with Yuki

Franki Sibberson confers with fourth grader Yuki to expand his reading options. You can access the list of books Franki shares by clicking here.  

Collecting Ideas in the Writer’s Notebook

Ruth Ayres confers with third grader Jade about the value of collecting ideas in her writer’s notebook, and shares some strategies for organizing the information.  

Previewing a Book with an Eighth Grader

In this brief conference, Katie Baydo-Reed chats with an eighth grader as he previews The Wednesday Wars and makes connections to the main character.  

Conferring with Sebastian

Katie DiCesare chats with first grader Sebastian in this one-minute conference, then shares her reflections on where Sebastian might go next in his reading.  

Tracking Characters: A Conferring Tip

Aimee Buckner teaches a fourth grader a strategy for using a sticky note to keep track of characters when there are multiple narrators in a novel.  

Rereading for Writing: Conferring with Jack

Katie DiCesare confers with Jack, using rereading to help him rethink the title of his book and possibilities for revision.  

Writing a Strong Ending: 4th Grade Writing Conference

Tony Keefer confers with Tommy about writing a strong ending for his piece.

Reporting and Crafting: Conferring with Ezra

Ruth Ayres confers with Ezra about crafting an ending using My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco as a mentor text.    

Powerful Conferences

When we expect powerful conferences, then we get powerful conferences. Sometimes it is easy to think the videos of conferences we see online or the benefits we read about in...

Better Reading Conferences

Reading conferences. The idea of holding one used to send me into a downward spiral of anxiety. I knew I needed to include them as part of my reading workshop,...

Kindle Highlights: Conferring with Nicole

Franki Sibberson confers with fourth grader Nicole using Kindle Highlights as a teaching tool.    

Partner Reading Conference in First Grade

Katie DiCesare confers with Jack and Praneel about their partner reading.    

Illustrations in Kindergarten: Conferring with Dalton

Ruth Ayres confers with kindergartner Dalton about illustrating his writing.  

Teaching Rereading Strategies: Backing Up and the Bossy E

In this conference with second grader TJ from Sean Moore's classroom, the strategies of backing up and rereading as well as attending to the "bossy e" are discussed.

Group Conference in First Grade

Katie DiCesare meets with Anna and Brendan to help them learn from each other and prepare to share their rereading strategies with the whole class.    

Kidwatching and Connections in the Early Days

Sitting down beside Daniel, I notice he has a large collection of picture books surrounding him.  He has collected several books from our author stand and is comfortably seated on...

Conferring in 4th Grade: The Dilemma of Multiple Novels

I don’t read different novels simultaneously. I can’t keep the stories straight, and when I read a book for pleasure I am not interested in reading any other book. So...

Building from Strengths: Conferring with Mia

Sean Moore confers with second grader Mia, encouraging her to build on her strengths by writing about what she knows well.

Decoding and Meaning: Conferring in 4th Grade

Tony Keefer confers with Amanda, a fourth grader who comprehends texts well, but struggles at times with fluency, decoding, and book selection.  

What Can Charlie Do?: The Value of Response Journals in Preschool Classrooms

In the fall, Charlie’s drawing was of a single typical tadpole-like person. He formed a shaky version of C, the first letter in his name. His verbal story was: “C....

Rehearsing Informational Writing: Conferring with Jocelyn

Stella Villalba confers with first grader Jocelyn about the information text she is writing about bunnies. Jocelyn is an English language learner, and this conference demonstrates the value of oral...