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Extending Invitations in Workshop: Ways to Empower Student Choice

Dana Murphy suggests three ways to empower student choice in workshop and get more students to accept the invitations we offer.

Kids Teaching Kids: Student-Led Lessons

Nawal Qarooni Casiano outlines the process for empowering students to lead lessons for classmates.

Writing Work Plans

Brian Sepe empowers students to make their own plans during writing workshop.

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Karen Terlecky confers with fifth grader Jillian the day after she has selected two books Jillian might enjoy reading during workshop.

Book Choice Conference in Kindergarten

Mandy Robek has a book choice conference with Drew. This is the first installment in her kindergarten conferring series.

Revising Writing: Fourth-Grade Conference

Tony Keefer confers with fourth grader Sydney about revising her writing and transitioning to a new genre early in the year.