Building Conversation Skills in Book Clubs

Fifth graders use a visual tool to help them build on each other’s ideas in book clubs. They are applying a strategy demonstrated in an earlier minilesson.

Minilesson: Building Conversations in Book Clubs

Dana Murphy leads a minilesson on book club conversations, using a fishbowl strategy and building blocks to support more sophisticated conversations.

Teaching Conventions in Small Groups

“Do you pinky promise?” I asked Josie. “I do,” she solemnly agreed. We linked pinkies and looked each other in the eye. I smiled. Josie had just agreed to edit...

Previewing Book Club Books

Gigi McAllister finds taking time to have students browse texts before forming book clubs makes all the difference in the quality of the discussions.

The Power of Video Replay

The team huddles around as the coach calls attention to the iPad in his hands. Players watch intently as the clip of the winning goal is played . . ....

Book Club Tools

I am a big fan of Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks. I love the unique flavors in his recipes and the way he incorporates so many vegetables into each dish. On the...

Guided Reading for Proficient Readers?

I was excited when I saw Tracy’s name on my “coaching roster.” Tracy is an enthusiastic teacher who is well respected in the school district that had contracted me. I...

Using a Strategy Notebook in Small-Group Instruction

I glanced up at the clock in our classroom. That clock was my nemesis and my guiding light. Twenty minutes. I had 20 minutes left before I had to call...

Releasing the Teaching to Students

I have watched my students grow in many ways since the beginning of the school year. They have picked up various skills, understand the standards and their use more competently,...

Forming Groups Using a Planner

It was late October, and I was feeling great about my one-on-one reading conferences. I was listening more than I was talking, taking succinct but valuable notes, and feeling like...

Getting Started with Strategy Lessons

The district in which Kate coaches has teachers in grades 1-5 who are comfortable with guided reading. Three years into reading workshop, many are ready to try strategy lessons as...

Small Group: Creativity

Franki Sibberson pulls together a group of fifth graders to explore writing mentors together.  

Scaffolding Partner Work

Katherine Sokolowski scaffolds fifth graders Liam and Caden through the process of learning to recommend books to each other. The workshop includes reading from Tara Barnett and Kate Mills with suggestions for fostering better partnerships through student-created "want ads."

Linking Evidence to Reading Response in First Grade

A group of first graders we work with is reading level M texts independently in late winter. Although the texts they’re ready and able to read have more complex ideas,...

Reading The Crossover: Fourth-Grade Reading Group

Gigi McAllister leads a group of boys who are just starting the novel-in-verse The Crossover in her fourth-grade classroom.    

Evidence Claims in a Middle School Small Group

Christy Ruth-Levine leads a small group of eighth graders as they explore how to include textual evidence in their literary analysis essays.    

Russell Freedman Book Clubs

I love the idea of having all my students read the same book and discuss it. The shared interest and excitement that comes from having book clubs in the classroom...

Guided Reading Run Amok

“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong,” said Sharice. “I plan, reflect, and read. I watch videos on YouTube and Edutopia. I even tried filming myself and watching the videos....

Enticing Young Readers: First-Grade Group

Bitsy Parks helps a small group of first graders engage with the library early in the year by introducing a series with companion stuffed animals.    

Using a Storyboard for Reflection and Comprehension

Christy Rush-Levine shows a group of three students how they can use a storyboard to help track thinking while reading.  

Group Meeting: Sharing Resources for Animal Study

Katherine Sokolowski helps her fifth-grade students expand their territory for their animal research projects by sharing information sources and peer connections.