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Keeping Track of Questions

Andie Cunningham observes a third-grade teacher as she systematically improves the quality and depth of student questioning over time.

The Blank Page and Better Teaching

Aimee Buckner learns some important lessons about how images and words work together for student writers when she moves between second- and fifth-grade classrooms.

Writing Better First Drafts

Aimee Buckner uses her love of baking to make the point that creating better first drafts is key to stronger writing and more enjoyment in the revising phase.

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Conferring About Tracking Characters

In this video from a 4th grade classroom, Aimee Buckner confers with a student who is reading The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson.

Tracking Thinking While Reading

Melissa Styger confers with a fourth-grade student using a template to help students track thinking and comprehension.

Stop and Track: Conferring with a Fifth-Grade Reader

In this conference with a 5th grader, Aimee Buckner shares two strategies — one to use when putting a book away between readings, and another to help keep track of characters in a complex narrative where the point of view is constantly shifting.