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Envisioning Writing in First Grade

In this minilesson, Katie DiCesare helps her first-grade students "envision" their writing drafts. The lesson focuses on creating mental images to conjure up stronger verbs and adjectives while writing.

First Grade Guided Writing Group: Goldilocks and the Three Writers

Katie DiCesare leads a guided writing group in her first-grade classroom. Click here to download the workshop guide. COMMON CORE CONNECTIONS: L.1.4. Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and...

Introverts and Reading Share Sessions

In this brief video from a reading share session in first grade, Katie DiCesare has three students describe strategies they used during reading workshop.

Conferring with Sebastian: Independent Reading in First Grade

Katie DiCesare confers with first grader Sebastian. Sebastian is an early reader who loves characters and adventure. Katie helps Sebastian prepare to talk with his peers about a new series he is enjoying.

Conferring to Build Stamina in First Grade

Katie DiCesare works with first grader JJ to help him meld decoding and comprehension skills. She’s chosen a longer book titled Lost Socks to challenge him. This video includes her post-conference reflection.

Addressing Conventions: Conferring with Jack

Katie DiCesare works with a first grader on the strategy of rereading one’s writing to address conventions and revise the title and ending.

First Grade Conference: Beginnings and Endings in Nonfiction

Katie DiCesare confers with first grader Ava about crafting beginnings and endings in nonfiction writing.

Nonfiction Reading Group in First Grade

Katie DiCesare brings together a group of her first-grade students who are reading nonfiction, helping them to expand the ways they share what they are learning with classmates.

Picture Reading in First Grade

In this read-aloud lesson from Katie DiCesare's first-grade classroom, Katie demonstrates the importance of picture reading using the picture book The Zoo by Suzy Lee. Because the students need the pictures to help understand the characters, setting and events, they are able to see how pictures help us “think in the story” and “figure out the words.”

Conferring in First Grade

This video from Katie DiCesare's first-grade classroom demonstrates a range of conferring in the midst of writing workshop -- from quick on the fly conferences, to small group brainstorming of ideas, to more sustained instruction of individual letter sounds and concepts.

Digging Deeper with Rereading

In this video from Katie DiCesare's first-grade classroom, Katie uses the strategy of rereading to help students look more closely at words - in this case, rhymes and word parts.

Purposeful Writing Share Sessions in 1st Grade

Katie DiCesare explains how she has made her whole-class writing share more purposeful during writing workshop. The video includes an example of a share session.

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