Whale Talk: An Asynchronous Minilesson

Gwen Blumberg teaches an asynchronous lesson for a spelling strategy. View the companion article for instructional coaches.

Student-Centered Learning Through Video Lessons

When we first started hearing the terms synchronous and asynchronous being thrown around casually as if we’d been using them forever in education, we thought about synchronized swimming. When we...

Interactive Read Aloud in Second Grade

Jen Court completes an interactive read aloud in a second-grade classroom.

Planning Writing in Kindergarten

Hayley Whitaker leads a minilesson in kindergarten on how to plan a narrative writing draft.

First Grade Minilesson: Connections

Melissa Atwood leads her first-grade class with a minilesson early in the school year on making connections to text.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Accountability for Young Writers

“I don’t remember how to do that!” “We talked about this before. How we can make our characters come alive by adding conversations in our writing? Or using speech bubbles...

Kids Teaching Kids: Student-Led Lessons

We’re in a fourth-grade classroom, and the teacher, Mrs. P, has just finished her minilesson. She’s wearing moon-patterned tights reminiscent of Mrs. Frizzle. As the kids move into independent reading...

Comparing Authors Minilesson

Jen Court helps second graders compare favorite author styles in this minilesson.

Field Notes: Preserving Minilesson Time

In a first-grade classroom at Haverhill Elementary, the sweet smell of efficiency wraps around me as I observe literacy stations. The minilesson is finished, and kids are settling into their...

Introducing Social Studies Concepts with Picture Books

“Are you going to read to us today?” Anise asked when she walked into my classroom and saw a picture book on my desk. “I am, Anise.” “So, are we...

A Minilesson on Minilessons

Franki Sibberson leads a minilesson in her fifth-grade classroom to help students design their own lessons. Students also assess what goes into a high-quality minilesson.

Thoughtful Read Aloud Structures

Franki Sibberson shares how she integrates student choice and collaboration into reading response during daily read alouds in her fifth-grade classroom. The book she is reading is The Girl Who...


I am spoiled by my DVR. I can sit down and watch my favorite shows whenever I want. I can even skip over commercial breaks. However, every now and then,...

Student-Led Minilessons in Fifth Grade

At the end of the year, each student in my classroom taught a minilesson to the class. There were no formal rules or templates. My only directions were “Think of...

Planning a Student-Led Minilesson

Franki Sibberson helps Lucas plan his minilesson for his fifth-grade classmates on how to connect words and facts from two different sources.  

Student-Led Minilessons in Middle School

“Can I try teaching a minilesson?” Marta asked after class one day. I have been teaching middle school social studies in a workshop model for about 10 years now. Each...

Student-Led Minilesson: Connecting Facts from Different Sources

Lucas leads a minilesson in Franki Sibberson’s fifth-grade class on connecting facts from different sources.  

Fourth-Grade Minilesson: Character Traits

Gigi McAllister helps her fourth graders develop the characters in their writing with a minilesson. She uses three mentor texts, one of which is her own writing.    

Fall Fluster

I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years, yet I continue to be surprised by what I call the “fall fluster.” I spend my summer catching up on professional reading,...

Leads Minilesson

This fifth-grade minilesson from Franki Sibberson is a lovely mix of mentor texts, Franki's own writing, and honesty about the writing process.  

Object Poetry Lesson in Second Grade

Linda Karamatic explores poetry with her second graders. She displays poems students have written and teaches them about fresh language using a poem about a pencil sharpener.      ...