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The Big Fresh October 13, 2018 Raccoon

We look at creative takes on learning words in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh October 6, 2018 Get Under the Ball

We look at struggling, striving, and stuck learners in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh September 29, 2018 The “One Thing” Mindset

We look at how to confer for reflection and action in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh September 22, 2018 Sometimes We Should Just Clap

We look at student-led minilessons in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh September 15, 2018 Inviting the Stranger In

We have some fresh takes on teaching history and biography in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh September 8, 2018 Mothers of the Brides

We consider the connections between personal history and literacy in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh September 1, 2018 Listening to Children

We consider literacy foundations in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh August 25, 2018 Gym Workshop

We explore reading response in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh August 18, 2018 Lily Pads

We consider levels and limits in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh August 11, 2018 Stubborn Gladness

We look at first lessons and introductions to students in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh August 4, 2018 Surprise

We look at creative ways to teach required units in this week's Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh July 28, 2018 Passion for Work

We look at launching classroom libraries in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh July 21, 2018 Hitting Save

We reflect on routines in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh July 14, 2018 Work and Play

We consider the difference between engagement and compliance in this week’s Big Fresh.

The Big Fresh June 23, 2018 Time to Write

We look at strategies for self care in this week’s Big Fresh.

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  • tips for communicating with parents
  • tools for organizing nonfiction in classroom libraries
  • rubrics for assessing literacy coaching
  • favorite read alouds for the first and last days of school
  • classroom observation protocols
  • suggestions for wall displays that promote literacy growth
  • ideas for revamping word work programs
  • ways to spice up writing minilessons

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Here are some unsolicited testimonials from Big Fresh subscribers:

I would just like to say that I appreciate your Big Fresh newsletters very much. They are so literate, and so apt. Thank you.

Mira (2nd Grade Teacher from New York City)

I just had to take a moment to write and let you know how much I look forward to receiving this email every week. I teach at an American School in Morocco, so receiving the myriad and wonderful resources you send each week is irreplaceable for sparking professional reflection and conversation with colleagues. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the time, thought and effort that goes into preparing this for all of us. Know that it fosters collaboration and builds professional community in far corners of the world.

Cynthia (Teacher in Morocco)

I just can’t tell you how delighted I am with your work. When you say “fresh,” these resources truly are. I have rarely encountered such thoughtful approaches to every concern from A-Z, and the creativity, enthusiasm, and expertise you and your colleagues bring to the task are unparalleled. I think the major service organizations in literacy education might have had this at one time, before they became so incorporated. And I have found some useful private contributions from individuals, but they have lacked the resources to achieve the scope of artifacts practitioners need. On a different note, I would like to share that I presented some Big Fresh ideas at a recent professional development session in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, and they were a HUGE hit!

Carmen (Literacy Professor from Niagara Falls, New York)

Just thought I would tell you that every Saturday morning I truly enjoy reading your weekly newsletter while sipping my cup of coffee. Simple pleasures! I will become a member this summer so I can view all the videos and articles. Thank you for all your important work.

Doreen (Kindergarten Teacher from Rhode Island)

I have been teaching for 28 years and I always find something new to think about in my teaching from your newsletter and website. I consider it my most valuable resource. I especially appreciate any video clips you might have which accompany your articles. Using my visual and auditory senses to see the words come to life of course are invaluable and whenever I receive “The Big Fresh” I drop everything and pore through the articles. Congratulations once again and please keep them coming!

Marlyn (3rd Grade Teacher from Evanston, Illinois)

Just a quick “note” to let you know how much I enjoy receiving your “choice” emails. Your gems of truth (which is what I call your emails) carry a message that surpasses literacy. They are wonderful motivators for almost all endeavors and are a great reminder to us that we are all part of a global learning community. Thank you.

Belinda (Principal from Vista, California)

I am a first-year teacher, beginning my first day on Tuesday. I have been eating up your Big Fresh newsletter for a few months now and am so thankful I found your site. Thank you for the work you do.

Dani (Elementary Teacher from Kansas)

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