Join Us! Everything You Need to Know about the Choice Literacy Book Club

Welcome to the Choice Literacy Book Club!

We’re glad you’re here! Each month our Featured Contributor chooses the book to read together. The only parameters are:

  1. It’s a book to read with students.
  2. It’s a book that will generate meaningful conversation.

This means our selections will vary widely in genre, topic and grade level. One month we may read a picture book and the next month an edgy YA novel.

We like this kind of diversity. It allows us to consider the experiences of children at different grade levels. It also allows participants to dip in and out of book group according to their interests and availability.

How do I join?

You’ll notice the sessions for this course are each titled with a month. There you will find the book selection, a link to the Padlet to collect written responses to the reading, and ways to connect throughout the month. After the podcast is recorded, we will include a link. This way you can always join the conversation, even after the month has ended.

Invite a friend.

Kate DiCamillo said—

“When we read together—when a grandfather reads to a granddaughter, when a teacher reads to a classroom, when a parent reads to a child, when a sister reads to a brother, when everyone in a town reads the same book silently, together—we are taken out of our aloneness. The story opens doors for us; and we, in turn, open the doors of our hearts to each other. When we read together, we welcome each other in.”

So it is with us, we welcome each other in.

Download the printable bookmarks, and join in!

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