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Welcome to the Choice Literacy Book Club! We're glad you're here! Check out the first session for more information about the Choice Literacy Book Club. (This is a club, not a course. The Choice Literacy Book Club began in February 2021.)

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Ruth Ayres

Ruth Ayres is the Editor-in-Chief of the Choice Literacy site and director of The Lead Learners Consortium in northern Indiana. Ruth’s background includes work as a middle and high school language arts and science teacher, a k-12 instructional coach, and writing books, articles, and lots of blog posts. She wrote Enticing Hard-to-Reach Writers (Stenhouse, 2019) and other books. When not writing professionally, Ruth collects stories of adoption, faith and whimsy. You can follow her at Ruth Ayres Writes or @ruth_ayres on Twitter or Instagram.

Christy Rush-Levine

Christy Rush-Levine has been a middle school language arts teacher since 2000, a Choice Literacy contributor since 2014, and a college instructor since 2017. She lives and works in a suburb of Chicago. Christy blogs at  interstice: not the lines; the spaces betweenShe can be found on Twitter (@CRushLevine) and Instagram (@rushreads and @rushcl).

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Join Us! Everything You Need to Know about the Choice Literacy Book Club

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February Book Club: The Barren Grounds by David Robertson

Christy Rush-Levine selected an Own Voices middle grade fantasy novel, The Barren Grounds by David A. Robertson, as the Choice Literacy Book Club selection.

March Book Club: Little Brown by Marla Frazee

Bitsy Parks selected a rich picture book, Little Brown by Marla Frazee, as the Choice Literacy Book Club selection.

April Book Club: Neville by Norton Juster and G. Brian Karas

Matt Renwick, an elementary principal in Wisconsin, selected Neville by Norton Juster as our April book.

May Book Club: My Hero Academia, Volume 1 by Kohei Horikoshi

Dana Murphy selected My Hero Academia, Volume 1 for the May 2021 book club.

June Book Club: Hear My Voice/Escucha Mi Voz

Stella Villalba will select the June book.  Follow #ChoiceLiteracyBookClub to be the first to know.

July Book Club Selection

Jen Schwanke chose Alma and How She Got Her Name for our July pick. Follow #ChoiceLiteracyBookClub to be the first to know.

September Book Club: So You Want to Be an Owl by Jane Porter and Maddie Frost

Heather Fisher has selected So You Want to Be an Owl by Jane Porter and Maddie Frost. Follow #ChoiceLiteracyBookClub to join the conversation. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.