Getting Colleagues Excited About a Professional Book Club

Here are three ways to start spreading the word about book club!

Offer an Invitation at a Staff Meeting

At a staff meeting, share the Stenhouse overview video of Shifting the Balance.

Give teachers time to talk in small groups about:

  • What is enjoyable about teaching readers?
  • What struggles do you notice children facing as readers?
  • What questions or wonderings do you have about Science of Reading information?

Give details about the  book club for Shifting the Balance by Jan Burkins and Kari Yates. A suggested commitment is 6 one-hour meetings.

Invite teachers to sign-up for book club.

Bite-Sized PD

Jen Court shares an idea for attaching a QR code to a bite-sized candy bar. You can read the article below. Also, don’t miss the PDF in the resources of a bite-sized invitation to this book club.

Takeout Book Club

Consider a creative approach to book club like Heather Fisher shares in her article “Takeout Book Club.” In Heather’s school she organizes a book club during lunch and arranges for take out lunches. You won’t have to worry about people wanting to join book club if takeout lunches for teachers is part of the deal!

invitation Bite-Sized PD Labels Download
Bite-Sized PD

Jen Court shares a “sweet” idea for practical and meaningful professional learning. Download a template to tailor professional learning for your school.

Takeout Book Club

Teachers may not have time for one more meeting—but they still have to eat! Heather Fisher combines the fun of lunch takeout with book discussions to boost interest and attendance.

Study Groups That Nourish the Soul

Jennifer Allen shares how student work can energize a study group.