Resources for Facilitating a Book Club

There are a tremendous amount of fantastic resources for leading book clubs for Shifting the Balance. Everything is already laid out for you to enjoy facilitating a discussion with ease.

There are also additional articles and videos to help you in making your study group a success.

Stenhouse Publishers Study Guide

Stenhouse Publishers have crafted an easy to follow discussion guide.

The Six Shifts Website Book Study

Jan and Kari have generously designed a book study to lead you through reading and interacting with the book. This may be the perfect experience for your school.

Making Study Group Special

It is likely optional for teachers to join your book club. Consider ways to make it special. Jen Allen shares ways she gives small gifts to study group participants in a video linked below. Heather Fisher’s article “Takeout Book Club” is also linked below.

Some Study Group Participants Aren’t Reading the Book

Have you ever experienced the strange phenomenon of having colleagues show up for book study groups and gab away, even though they haven’t read the text? You may be a victim of “bullcrit”—the willingness of some people to critique movies they haven’t seen, music they haven’t heard, and books they haven’t read.

The Secret to Better Meetings: It’s All in the Ending

Jennifer Allen shares her favorite ending for meetings that leaves participants hungry for more.

Takeout Book Club

Teachers may not have time for one more meeting—but they still have to eat! Heather Fisher combines the fun of lunch takeout with book discussions to boost interest and attendance.

How Study Groups Are Like Self-Cleaning Ovens

With a few key elements in place, Brenda Power and Jennifer Allen explain how study groups can almost run themselves and get everyone involved.


Study Group Gifts

Jennifer Allen explains why she always budgets for small study-group gifts, and shares how they build connections between the groups and teaching practice.

Protocols for Teacher Study Groups

In this three-minute Quick Take video, Clare Landrigan describes the teacher study group protocol she uses to foster shared understanding and allow for differentiated learning among teachers.