Getting Colleagues Excited About a Professional Book Club

Find Your People

This is a book for administrators and teacher leaders. It is a perfect book to encourage conversations about inspiring transformational change in a school.

Consider someone you would like to invite to read the book with you. Copy pages 3-4 and slip it inside a note with an invitation to read the book together. (If easier, you could text the invitation.)

Share Matt’s article “Feedback is Overrated: First Focus on Building Positive, Trusting Relationships” and have a conversation. If there is interest and energy around the topic, suggest reading Leading Like a C.O.A.C.H.

Takeout Book Club

Consider a creative approach to book club like Heather Fisher shares in her article “Takeout Book Club.” In Heather’s school she organizes a book club during lunch and arranges for take out lunches. You won’t have to worry about people wanting to join book club if takeout lunch is part of the deal!

Takeout Book Club

Teachers may not have time for one more meeting—but they still have to eat! Heather Fisher combines the fun of lunch takeout with book discussions to boost interest and attendance.

Feedback Is Overrated: Focus First on Building Positive, Trusting Relationships

Matt Renwick gives three tips to build relationships that will open doors to receive feedback.