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Helping Children Build Notetaking Skills

Whose job is it to teach notetaking skills?  Heather Rader finds teachers often expect colleagues in previous or subsequent grades to teach these skills, as well as a lot of hesitancy about how best to instruct students.  She presents a simple notetaking template and describes how she uses it to help students learn how to list important details with words and images.

Important Book, Important Notes: Guiding Young Students Through Notetaking

Suzy Kaback catches a young learner near and dear to her in the process of plagiarizing. She uses the experience to develop a template to help students and colleagues with notetaking.

Notetaking Series Part V: Getting Out of Notetaking Ruts

It's a quick journey from notetaking routines to notetaking ruts. This installment of the notetaking series focuses on ways to get out of the ruts that emerge naturally whenever any notetaking routine is established.