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Make a Really BIG List

Big lists can be intimidating, especially when our to-do lists are long and never quite finished. Ruth Ayres explains the power of big lists in other contexts, especially writing, and how they might actually provide comfort and security when tackling big projects and ideas.

When It’s Time to Abandon Your Writing

Writers in the real world abandon drafts all the time, yet it’s a strategy which isn’t often encouraged in classrooms. Heather Rader considers the thorny issue of how teachers can promote this strategy, yet still deal well with those students who never finish any drafts.

Just Write More

Aimee Buckner has tips for ways to focus lessons that will help students produce more writing.

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More Productive Writing Share Sessions in First Grade

In this video from a first-grade classroom, Katie DiCesare demonstrates how she has made writing share time more productive by linking student work to recent lessons.

Rule of 3: Writer’s Craft Whole-Class Lesson

Aimee Buckner teaches her fourth-grade students about the “Rule of 3” in writing.

Listen In: Magnifying a Moment in Writing

Sometimes using a prop can help young students understand a revision strategy.  Heather Rader helps second-grader Sammi understand how to “magnify” a moment when revising her writing.