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Unpacking the Common Core Standards: First Grade Information Texts

Franki Sibberson designs a booklist for tackling information texts in first grade.

Supporting Introverts in a First-Grade Classroom

Courtney Pawol looks at how being an introvert affects her role in learning communities, and then moves from insight to practical changes to help the introverts in her first-grade classroom.

Books for Studying Illustration with First Graders

Katie DiCesare has suggestions for books to support an illustration unit early in the year.

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Understanding Fiction and Nonfiction in First Grade: Independent Practice

Erin Quealy circulates among student partnerships in her first-grade classroom, checking in to see how well individual students are understanding the different attributes of fiction and nonfiction after her minilesson. Others viewing the demonstration lesson observe, take notes, and interview students.

Understanding Fiction and Nonfiction in First Grade: Venn Diagram

In this conclusion to a whole-class demonstration lesson, Erin Quealy uses a Venn diagram to bring together student artifacts for a whole-class discussion of fiction and nonfiction after a minilesson and independent practice.

First-Grade Math Lesson: Introduction and Partner Work

Danielle French’s first-grade students are practicing new math vocabulary during a lesson. This is the first video in a series.