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Audioboo, QR Codes, and Authentic Reading Response

Katherine Sokolowski uses audio recordings and other tech resources to build her fifth-grade reading community.

Bringing Writers’ Voices Home with QR Codes

Bitsy Parks has her first-grade students record their writing as part of a regular workshop and assessment routine, and then uses QR codes to share the recordings with families and the larger community.

Personal Listening Devices in Workshops

Justin Stygles finds that a ban on personal listening devices may not be the best option for students who are easily distracted. He explains how he designed a policy that allows students to listen to music of their choice during literacy workshops.

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Partner Conference: Audiobooks to Support Comprehension

In this week's video, Gigi McAllister meets with two fourth graders who are reading the book Paper Things, talking about how using an audiobook can support comprehension.