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Sticky Little Invention (The Post-It Essay)

Jill Ostrow describes how the "post-it essay" is an ingenious way to get richer responses to displays of learning. Jill is working with teachers, but this is another writing activity that can be adapted for use with teens or tweens.

Formative Assessment: Wall Displays and Conversations in First Grade

Formative assessments are always a priority in classrooms. Cathy Mere explains how she uses a classroom wall display and conversations to highlight strong writing and help her first graders learn to assess improvements in their work.

Nonfiction Graffiti Walls

Katie Doherty uses nonfiction graffiti walls as a tool for building response skills and community with her sixth-grade students.

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Anchor Lesson: Setting Goals

Leslie Lloyd begins an anchor lesson by setting a goal with her third graders. This is the first video in a four-part series.

Anchor Lesson: Analyzing a Poem

Leslie Lloyd teaches the second part of her anchor lesson to third graders. In this installment, they look at literal and figurative language in the Donald Graves poem "Bully."

Anchor Lesson: Poem in Two Voices

Leslie Lloyd's third-grade students continue to explore the differences between literal and figurative language.