Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly is a teacher of highly-capable elementary school students in Kent, Washington. She holds a Master’s degree in Literacy Education and has also been a reading specialist, an adjunct university instructor of literacy, and currently serves on the Washington State Gifted Advisory Board.

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New Teachers: The Power of Inexperience

Sometimes a lack of experience is a gift worth embracing. Michelle Kelly considers all the strengths new teachers bring to schools, from their comfort with technology to genuine enthusiasm.

Between the Brain and Page: Working with Gifted Student Writers

Michelle Kelly explains how gifted student writers have needs that vary greatly. "Carolyn the Voice," "Alan the Verbose," and "Bailey the Perfectionist" are all gifted writers who need different workshop structures and guidance to do their best work.

Assessing Gifted Readers

Michelle Kelly has an unique problem: what to do with readers who already exceed the standard. With grace and good instruction in mind, she considers alternative assessments.