Hannah Tills

Hannah Tills is a K-5 instructional coach in Ohio. Before returning to her home state, she taught in the public schools of both Washington, DC and suburban Maryland. In her work, Hannah hopes to help students develop empathy, find their own voice and feel empowered to create a more just world. Follow Hannah on Twitter @hannah_tills.

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Informational Poetry

Hannah Tills and Josie Stewart teach students to write informational poetry. They remind us that poetry can serve as a mentor text in many units and does not have to be siloed in its own unit.

Energizing Yourself

Hannah Tills and Josie Stewart give practical ways instructional coaches can refuel their energy levels.

Taking a Stance: Supporting Opinions in Primary Writers 

Josie Stewart and Hannah Tills expand their view of opinion writing to taking a stance, and are reminded of the power of choice and honoring student passions and interests. At the same time, students are reminded that their voice is heard and their opinions matter. 

Picture Books to Help Navigate Difficult Emotions (Booklist)

Josie Stewart and Hannah Tills share a meaningful book list to help navigate emotions that come from difficult experiences such as the death of a loved one, moving homes, or an unexpected diagnosis.

Getting to Know Digital Learners: How Playing with Technology Helps Facilitate Our Identities as Learners

As teachers we do many things to get to know our students as readers and writers and mathematicians. Josie Stewart and Hannah Tills lead us to consider how to get to know our students as digital learners.

Transitional Chapter Books: A Deeper Look at Features and Formats (Booklist)

Josie Stewart and Hannah Tills share a robust booklist for transitional chapter books. There is more incidental representation than ever, and a variety of formats welcome young readers to chapter books.

Student-Planned End-of-Year Celebration

Josie Stewart and Hannah Tills know the end of the school year is full, yet they take the time to reflect and celebrate what learners have built throughout the year by asking students to create a plan for a final celebration.

What Happens When Teachers Receive Conflicting Advice?

Josie Stewart and Hannah Tills help navigate the tricky situation coaches can find themselves in when their advice to a new teacher may conflict with other voices. By emphasizing the value of different voices, we can empower educators to do the work that best aligns with their beliefs and suits their learners.

Giving Feedback to Energize Writers

Josie Stewart and Hannah Tills ponder the importance of energizing writers with feedback. They offer tips to ensure feedback uplifts writers.

Tips for Selecting Inclusive Texts

Hannah Tills and Josie Stewart challenge themselves to select more inclusive texts so all students feel as though they belong. They offer six suggestions to help us examine our bookshelves, thinking, and curriculum.

Coaching Through a New Program

Josie Stewart and Hannah Tills compare embarking on a new curriculum program to a journey to a new country. Their “travel tips” and encouragement will position instructional coaches to navigate the new program.