Lifting the Quality of Peer Response

Helping children learn to listen to each other well and give feedback takes a great deal of time. For many years, I just assumed that kids intuitively knew how to...

Writing Partner Feedback in Fifth Grade

In this video, partner teams in Franki Sibberson’s fifth-grade class share their drafts and ask for specific feedback on their opinion-writing pieces.  

Writer’s Workshop: Planning for “Dips”

I'm training for a half marathon. I need to keep to a training schedule if I'm going to be ready. In the past, I tend to run from January through...

Finding Topics in Writer’s Notebooks Minilesson

Sean Moore shares the importance of using a writer’s notebook to discover topics in this minilesson with his second-grade students from early in the year.  

Collecting Ideas in the Writer’s Notebook

Ruth Ayres confers with third grader Jade about the value of collecting ideas in her writer’s notebook, and shares some strategies for organizing the information.  

Conferring with Spencer: Writing Notebook Topics

Katherine Sokolowski helps fifth grader Spencer brainstorm topics for his writing notebook.    

Discussion and Summary As a Prelude to Fiction Writing

With the spotlight on the teaching of writing being directed toward expository, opinion, and persuasive writing, fiction writing has been reduced in many classrooms. As the time for the fiction...

First-Grade Writing Conference: Celebrations to Suggestions

Katrina Edwards begins her conference with first grader Allen by celebrating all he is doing well in his writing. She highlights his language and details in writing before moving on...

Teaching Students How to Give Revision Suggestions

ARTICLE: Franki Sibberson shares a lesson progression to help students learn how to give helpful revision feedback. She uses online videos and resources to support her work. VIDEO: Dana Murphy...

Avoiding Implementation Through Lamination

I recently attended a professional development session in which one of the speakers urged school leaders to avoid “implementation through lamination.” He was referring to administrators whose primary mode of...

Maximizing Instructional Time at the Start of a New Unit

The launch of a new writing unit is an exciting time. Usually, students have just experienced some sort of writing celebration, and they have felt the pride and energy that...

Writing Workshop Teacherisms

With the beginning of a new school year fast approaching many classroom teachers find themselves reflecting on what worked and didn’t work when launching the previous year’s writing workshop. Everything...

Inside and Outside Views Minilesson

Ruth Ayres explains the importance of “inside” and “outside” views in writing using a student mentor text in this lesson with second graders.