Sara Kajder

Sara Kajder is a faculty member in Language and Literacy Education at The University of Georgia and a consultant to K-12 school systems across the country. Her most recent research examines secondary English teacher practices and adolescent literacy identities, especially in dialogue with the use of digital tools and social media. The author of many peer-reviewed articles and books, her text Adolescents and Digital Literacies (NCTE), received the NCTE Britton Award in 2012.

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The Power of a Confession: What Readers Really Do

When Sara Kajder commits a readerly sin during a curriculum meeting, it opens the floodgate to confessions of other readerly sins among members of the English department, as well as refocuses their attention on practices that invite students to build intentional reading lives.

Sustaining (Not Just Building) Community Online
“What comes after we start?” Sara Kajder answers this tough question from a first-year teacher about what it takes to sustain a remote learning community.