Julie Wright

Julie Wright is a teacher, instructional coach, and educational consultant with over twenty-five years of experience in rural, suburban, and urban education settings.

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Word Study Half-Day Professional Development

Julie Wright designs a half-day professional development session to help teachers analyze assessment data and design a schedule to address word learning needs.

Word Study Kick-Off

Julie Wright details a half day (2-1/2 hour) professional development session to build interest and skill in word study among teachers.

Coaching Cycles Matter

Julie Wright explains how coaching cycles fit into the larger scheme of ongoing professional development. She includes templates for planning and protocols in her piece.

Coaching Letter to Jo

Julie Wright guides a harried fifth-grade teacher in this sample coaching letter.

Coaching Letters

Julie Wright finds coaching letters are an essential element in her mentoring toolkit. In this first installment of a series, she explains the key components of letters that build rapport and instruction skills.

Systems Thinking and Educational Change

Julie Wright shares some tips for using systems thinking in developing plans for instructional change in schools and districts.

Intentional Agendas: Planning for Teacher Learning

Julie Wright finds she uses the same principles to design professional development agendas and literacy workshops.