Deb Gaby

Deb Gaby is a literacy coach in northern Indiana.

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Conferring Over Whole-Class Reading

Deb Gaby confers with Riley about The Lemonade War. They talk about the writing about reading that students are doing for this whole-class read.

Growth Lines

Deb Gaby thinks about the importance of baseline information early in the school year.

Perfect Frosting and Workshop Routines

Things start to fall apart in a classroom when a beloved teacher is replaced with a long-term substitute. Deb Gaby shares how an analogy helps the class get back on track.

Using a Strategy Card in a Reading Conference

Deb Gaby confers with second grader Reagan early in the school year. She is reading her first chapter book, and using a reading strategies "toolkit" for support.

Getting to Know a Young Reader

As she confers with first grader Kendall, Deb Gaby skillfully weaves questions about home and reading together.

Coaching Minute: Building a Coaching Rapport

Literacy coaches Ruth Ayres and Deb Gaby chat with second-grade teacher Cathy Laker about building trust in coaching and teaching relationships.

Coaching Minute: Professional Development

Deb Gaby talks about the importance of professional development mirroring best practices in this quick video.

Coaching Minute: Listen and Be Brave

Deb Gaby has wise advice about the coach's role with teachers in this brief video.

A Strong Foundation: Books and Media for Launching Literacy Workshops

Help students transition back to school with minilessons that give children a strong sense of the purpose of literacy workshops.

Guess Who’s Coming? Planning an Author Visit

Deb Gaby has many practical tips for planning an author visit as a schoolwide celebration of literacy.

Bridge to Comprehension Minilesson

Deb Gaby uses a bridge metaphor in a comprehension minilesson for second graders.

Holding Thinking Minilesson with Second Graders

Deb Gaby uses an analogy of animal tracks to introduce the concept of "holding thinking" in reading journals to second graders.