Cindy Hatt

Cindy Hatt is a teacher and curriculum specialist in New Brunswick, Canada. She works as a consultant for Scholastic Canada and has worked on literacy programs in the provincial office.

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“What I Know Now” Workshop Activity

This icebreaker from Cindy Hatt is a terrific exercise for a staff or grade-level team meeting to bring together teachers and literacy specialists this time of year.  It combines individual reflection with whole-group brainstorming and goal setting.

Better Discussions in Study Groups

Cindy Hatt has suggestions for getting the most out of book studies with colleagues, with activities and prompts that can help you move from ideas to practice in classrooms.

Collecting Literacy Stories Icebreaker (PRINT DOWNLOAD)

If you want a terrific activity to nudge colleagues to share more of their successes and failures, you might want to download Cindy Hatt’s question templates and explanation of the collecting stories activity. It’s also a fun strategy for building listening skills and community among teachers and coaches